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Finding Family with DNA

Finding Family with DNA

Here’s a step-by-step overview on how to use DNA tests to find your missing mother, father or grandparents. You don’t need any information other than your own DNA. This will show you what services to use and how to interpret the results.

This video is an overview that shows you how it is possible to solve unknown parentage using DNA. It doesn’t go into detail on every step. There are plenty of more detailed videos on DNA testing.

Note: In the video I mention searching for my own grandfather. I am now 90% sure I know who he was. The closest relatives I found or am likely to ever find are 2nd cousins. I found some good circumstantial evidence for one particular man being my grandfather, but there is no way to prove it with DNA at this late date.

Finding Family Links

DNA Testing Services

Genealogy Research Sites
https://www.gedmatch.com/ DNA Matching and Family Tree Matching
https://www.wikitree.com – Free Universal Family Tree building
http://rootsmagic.com/ – Genealogy Software

Charts and Diagrams
https://www.draw.io/ Drawing tool
http://thegeneticgenealogist.com/2017/03/19/guest-post-the-mcguire-method-simplified-visual-dna-comparisons/ McGuire Diagrams

http://i.imgur.com/cve2V86.jpg (The Green Chart)

http://angaatopzoek.be/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/16649123_10155581330708484_2400668258479327733_n.jpg Centimorgan Chart

Searching for Living People


4 thoughts on “Finding Family with DNA

  1. Thank you for the great video!

  2. Excellent…Any person who is going to use DNA to search for ancestors/relatives should take a look at this video. It covers all the basics of doing a search.

  3. Thank you! Best explanation ever. I am looking for a grandma. God bless you for your help. I hope you find your Grandpa.

  4. Thank you for this overview. I needed a visual guide on how to organize the matches without a spreadsheet. I am helping an adoptee and have tried the mirror trees many times over without success. I have learned a few new tricks. Thank you!

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