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Free GED Math Preparation 2018 Study Guide

Free GED Math Preparation 2018 Study Guide

►GED Study Guide: http://www.mygedsecrets.com
►GED Flashcards: http://www.flashcardsecrets.com/ged

Associative Property 0:07
Factors 4:40
Rates and Unit Rates 9:27
Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers 12:15
Adding and Subtracting Fractions 14:12
Multiplying and Dividing Fractions 18:44
Decimals 22:12
Adding and Subtracting Decimals 24:30
Dividing Decimals 26:59
Multiplying Decimals 29:40
Solving Equation Using Addition and Subtraction 33:29
Computation with Percentages 36:25
Equations and Inequalities 40:13
Linear Equations 44:15
Word Problems and Addition 48:39
Word Problems and Division 50:43
Word Problems and Multiplication 53:59
Word Problems and Subtraction 57:49

For your convenience, we have compiled several GED math videos into a GED Math Preparation 2018 Study Guide for you to study all at once.

►GED Test Prep Series: https://goo.gl/3iJz1A

►GED English Language Arts: https://youtu.be/3uKWmWKsMpY
►GED Social Studies: https://youtu.be/_YGjK-25uxU
►GED Science: https://youtu.be/z_5DDD2zTZM

►How to pass the GED

►What to Expect on the GED

►GED Math Practice Test: http://www.mometrix.com/academy/ged-math-practice-test/


37 thoughts on “Free GED Math Preparation 2018 Study Guide

  1. Hello Everyone 🙂 Thanks for watching! I hope this helps with your GED test review. Don't forget about:
    GED Math Practice Test: https://www.mometrix.com/academy/ged-math-practice-test/
    More GED study guide videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqodl38v-H_F-elZiGHQlaeyAebhQgu5U
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MometrixTestPreparation/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mometrix

  2. Wow I actually know all of this! So I feel confident after watching this!!

  3. Take my test in just a few hours ?

  4. I honestly prefer the woman to teach. I’m sorry but the guy seems nervous and all over the place. Great video though. It helps alot

  5. just got a 188 on it, if anyone has any questions feel free to ask

  6. some 1 on youtube called me a dumass so i decided i was gonna come here to fit in with my people.. syke asf I'm not even dumb like all you other fucking idiots except my boi IDA, you guys should have stayed in school

  7. Mama Bates says:

    I just don’t understand! It’s like a whole new language. I dropped out of 9th grade because, of problems at home and having a hard time studying. Now at 27 years old about to be 28 – I just feel like I should give up! I will never be able to understand math.

  8. makenna says:

    i studied for like a week and pretty much nothing i studied was on the test, i felt like i was guessing on most of them but i still passed so if you at least study a little you should be fine

  9. Algebra and geometry is giving me a headache ?

  10. I passed the GED test in 2017. Thank you for the videos!

  11. mrbobbilly says:

    Will this help me get the College Ready grade? I want to go to a good university, not just pass the test, in Michigan we only need to take 4 tests, other states require 5 by the way.

  12. Jews_rule says:

    will this alone help me pass the Ged math?

  13. Took the math test and I got 80% this does help.

  14. BrolyNR says:

    17:56 where did the 7 come from?

  15. This is all very simple, i was thinking it would be hard stuff

  16. This is an amazing study guide for maths vocabulary, I'm very appreciative to this

  17. blatek says:

    So there is a lot of new stuff on the ged test that I didn’t know mainly to do with triangles and circles find the diameter or what ever for it. Either way I passed my math test and I now have my ged. Thank you guys for the videos.

  18. her handwriting is perfect

  19. I’m 39 years old finally I decided on getting my ged I forgot everything I was taught in school this is gonna be tough

  20. I passed all my subjects on my TASC test on the first try I been out of school for the past 10 years!! And I only attended school recently for only 3 weeks thanks for the help

  21. My last test to get my ged

  22. Why doesnt this talk about geometry or graphing? I thought those were on the test aswell

  23. last test i took today and got a 142? ughhhh i need to pass this …taking it tmrw

  24. I watched this video and wrote everything down and did the problems with them and took my math GED test today and passed ?

  25. Thank you it’s vary helpful ?

  26. This helped me more than the $175.00 classes i was taking for 8 weeks!! This lady is really a good teacher i take my test next week wish me luck!

  27. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you all

  28. So basically I've been using linear equations, and also adding up percentages at work without even realizing it. Wow this gets more and more interesting everyday actually didn't even realize this until I went through this video and watched the whole thing studying for my GED and I want to do better with my life so these are the steps I have to take basically to become more successful.

  29. Stargazer says:

    Can this be used for the HISET

  30. TADV Youth says:

    Thank you.. Extremely helpful

  31. I passed math 2 days ago with 162 which is only three points away from college ready and this video did help. All of the things they teach you on here is on the test. I became homeschooled in the 8th grade when I was 13, im currently 16, and I was nervous to take the test but this helped. I also passed the LA test with a 163, both on my first try. I take my science and history in a couple days which im more nervous about than I was for LA and math.

  32. keilani says:

    Volunteering to tutor today hope this video works wonders.

  33. omg! I just took mines today and missed it by 1 point! -.- lol .. Ima just study harder and retake it Wednesday . ??

  34. very good, I understood.

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