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  1. Everyone of your ancestry dna check from GED Are true cause these admixture were test by different people people and had given you different results on their thoery so it basically true lets say your pacific islander didn't show up in one of those results better chance is it will be in another results somewhere cause I check all my I know i had a lot of asian ancestrydna and african american my father pretty much taiwanese black polynesian but I had less polynesian from what I can see in my dna. I check a lot of my admixture and all them had majority of my asian descent and african american even european I pretty much seen a lot. Like I couldn't find southeastern bantu and it was in my other results so i know it was true I check my cameroo congo dna and it was in the admixture of french DNA So i know it was there I findout I had I had highers results on being japanese to And I was like really ?!?! No matter what results you had no different change in ancestry of being african cause it was still higher in every results. Oh I even found my native american results to and it was low to and that shock me also.

  2. MrSHAQSEXY says:

    i really want to have melanesian in me.theyre so beautiful and exotic.i only seen one other person with it in their results

  3. awesome! ugh I'm trying to download my dna from ancestry but when i put my password to have it emailed to me it says "something went wrong try again tomorrow" so annoying! I want to upload to gedmatch! lol hopefully soon.

  4. Sapa Inti says:

    great results. do you know what native people you descend from?

  5. what I noticed with native american dna its the siberian + E Asian + american Indian that's you're total native american

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