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GEDCOM – Exporting Ancestry.com Family Tree

GEDCOM – Exporting Ancestry.com Family Tree


An unofficial video tutorial about the Ancestry.com website — presented by www.FamilyTreeShortcuts.com.

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If you want to export your family tree as a GEDCOM, access the correct tree first.

At the top, move the mouse over Tree pages

And select Tree Settings.

On the right, click the small green button that says Export tree.

Ancestry.com will then take a few moments to turn your family tree into a GEDCOM file.

Click the button again once it has finished to save the file to your computer.


1 thought on “GEDCOM – Exporting Ancestry.com Family Tree

  1. Roberta L says:

    Thank you! Even though the screen has changed a little since it is 2016, I was still able to easily learn how to upload. I was not sure what a gedcom file is, but you made it easy to visualize the steps. You saved me a lot of time. Thanks again;)

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