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3 thoughts on “GEDMatch: HarappaWorld Admixture Proportions-South Asia (Pakistan)

  1. Are you actually an ethnic punjabi. If so then the accuracy of this must be impressive. I used it to check if I'm Kashmiri as my family claims and Kashmiri came up as a top result for most of the admixture calculators as well as HarappaWorld. With a smaller number next to it too so it must be pretty accurate.

  2. iOS Dev says:

    I got very similar results. I'm Indian Punjabi. I had 30% S Indian, 36% Baloch, 13% Caucasian, 12% NE Euro. I'm not alone haha.

  3. There's equal Baloch and south Indian in you maybe your family is from those Baloch tribes who moved and settled into Sindh,Punjab,Gujrat (India).And those 100 years provide these results.Same case here my mum is gujrati baloch (ashkani tribe)

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