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GedMatch results of my moms DNA test (MyHeritage DNA)

GedMatch results of my moms DNA test (MyHeritage DNA)

After uploading her “original” MyHeritage DNA Test results, here are the results of her DNA in GedMatch.
You can watch my GedMatch results video and the one of her mother to compare between us.

Enjoy watching the video! 🙂
Music by “Wiljan and Xandra” called Woodlands.


Here’s my GedMatch results video:
Here’s the GedMatch results video of my grandma: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CISWWDYp0uk


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  1. Id try 24genetics ancestry test (https://24genetics.co.uk/ ) it is the most complete one and you can do it also from MyHeritage raw data.

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