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GEDMatch vs Ancestry DNA. Who is correct?

GEDMatch vs Ancestry DNA. Who is correct?

I feel that my GEDMatch DNA results are more accurate because they line up with what I know about my dad’s great grandma or my dad’s great great grandma who was mixed with Arab, Spanish, French,Italian, Greek, Albanian, Turkish, Persian, Baloch, Sindhi, and Punjabi ancestry and moved to Chicago sometime Between 1870 and 1885.


4 thoughts on “GEDMatch vs Ancestry DNA. Who is correct?

  1. ruth lee says:

    Ancestry only goes back up to a thousand years; Gedmatch go back many thousands of years.
    Many of us from England, Ireland, Scotland and the West Country look just like you – because many of us are from Spain, Portugal, Middle East and finally Africa.

  2. West and East Mediterranean actually covers North Africa, Egypt, Levant and Cyprus too. Don't know why you left it out. Pretty much all the Mediterranean Countries

  3. arab daddy says:

    also the thumbnail looks like ur gonna give me cummies why are you cocktease my brother

  4. You look more Scottish than anything else to me, but that's cool you discovered more about your roots.

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