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Genealogy site didn’t know it was used to seek serial killer

Genealogy site didn’t know it was used to seek serial killer

The genealogy website used to find the man accused of being California’s Golden State Killer had no idea its database was tapped in pursuit of a suspect who eluded law enforcement for four decades, the site co-founder said Friday.

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22 thoughts on “Genealogy site didn’t know it was used to seek serial killer

  1. newborn babies get a DNA test now I am pretty darn sure

  2. JC RAY says:

    We now live in the complex age of government data mining. We provide our life stories on Facebook and Twitter. We provide a psychological profile based on the videos we watch. We provide facial recognition and thumb prints through the use of smart phones. We voluntarily provide DNA to third parties.

    Big brother is watching.

  3. Public-record Internet DNA site enables cops to get man…..fabulous. All very legal!!!!!!

  4. I grew up in the town of Exeter where he was a police officer. While he was there a young girl was rapped and murdered. The man accused has always said he was innocent. I wonder if a innocent man has was framed by a Bad Cop

  5. Mary, I love that you "spiced up" your intro for your videos (and especially kept the sound of crickets), I just wish you would/could slow down the images going across the screen a bit. Just a thought. Keep up the great work!

  6. e causey says:

    germany did this for 15 years..looking for someone who didn't exist!..the cotton swabs they used to take dna samples at crime scenes had been tainted…during production

  7. KELLI2L2 says:

    He was a former police officer. That's disturbing….
    We all want fewer criminals out on the streets but that isn't the case, crime is growing and there are many reasons for that ~ ALL related to bad laws from government, whether it be letting prisoners out of LOCK UP too early or importing them from other countries through the troubling Open Borders agenda, and of course the Sanctuary city policies set forth obviously by criminal infiltrators .
    STUPID people voluntarily sending in their DNA is another matter…

  8. I'm glad they did arrest him, better late than never. Former police officer, serial rapist.

  9. C Kellim says:

    I personally know where my family migrated from what years from/to but I think this was probably the best (only way, given age and activity) for them to catch the guy(given he is the killer). There's to risk vs reward in these situations….is your possible freedom worth knowing (I think this will plague these ancestry sites….or everyone will do it. Irony) I don't trust any big corp types anymore.

  10. I wanted to use one of these places to find out my family background through DNA,however I didn't since I thought how easy it would be for them to take your DNA and use it to set you up for something you didn't do. As an animal activist and independent media journalist, I didn't think it was a good idea to have my DNA stored somewhere, where it could potentially be used in a negative manner.

  11. slinman100 says:

    A friend of mine and her 10 yr old daughter were murdered during a home invasion in 1998. The little girl was raped. They have DNA and have matched it to unsolved murders and rapes in other cities but it's been 20 years and they still have no name. If there was a way to run it against the genealogy sites and possibly identify this asshole, I say do it. Megan and Sherri Scherer's family deserves justice!

  12. So the cop got away with it for 40 years? Bet he was glad to get that off his conscience…

  13. May Pop says:

    This guy might be the Zodiac Killer.

  14. YZNHIM says:

    Sometimes the most unbelievable circumstances get these perps arrested and thank goodness this disgusting individual is OFF the streets.  One down a few more hundred to go! Pray that the judge doesn't let him loose.

  15. Aaron M says:

    Just another example of gross abuse by the "noble" "law enforcement" goons. Not sure when people are going to wake up and realize that 99% of cops ARE NOT ON YOUR SIDE and they will do any shady crap they can (get away with) to destroy people. This dude is a turd-bag and probably deserves to go to prison forever…but does that mean that the cops can do any damned thing they please–the ends justify the means–to catch these people? Sure, give us your DNA, we will help you find your long lost cousin who was the king of Dirtistan…and make sure Big Brother has your stuff on file in case they want to do some ethnic cleansing down the road. God help us.

  16. Chuckling , I have done two DNA tests. One with National Geographic, the second with Ancestry. The Ancestry people tell you to upload the GEDcom DNA yourself. So it is voluntary. To find people I suppose like long lost cousins etc. I have not because I have been inundated by
    Hundreds of matches for most just being part Irish. I stopped counting at 130 after St. Patrick’s Day. Being a true mutt, that really was only part of it. But you do GEDcom voluntarily, so people need to have that understanding going in now. This was a killer,
    At least victims and their families have closure.

  17. free huh ? and Facebook wants folks naked photos to ensure no one sees them

  18. S S says:

    I’m glad they caught him but one day all this information will be used against Christians. These companies are not gathering this information for profit only.

  19. I'm glade they found him period‼️?✌?️

  20. Yes it's bs..this was completly illegal . and now this guy may get lose from jail because the DA overstepped her bounderies..i hope this guy gets fried. Thanks mary.

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