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Genetic Genealogy Simplified: Defining Terms

Genetic Genealogy Simplified: Defining Terms

Thinking about taking a DNA test as part of your genealogy research? There are some things you need to know first. SNPs, centimorgans, and phasing are where we’ll begin.


2 thoughts on “Genetic Genealogy Simplified: Defining Terms

  1. A great starter video. However, the term Allele is incorrectly defined. See https://isogg.org/wiki/Allele. Unfortunately, the term Allele is sometimes used also to describe a variant of a SNP – without qualifying the definition. For example, when looking at Ancestry's raw DNA file, you will find the term Allele used to represent the values present on chromosomes at a particular SNP. To be clear, it's best to refer to this as a "SNP Allele". Also, the double helix is a component of one chromosome and does not reflect a mixture of your father and mother. That "mixture" occurs because chromosomes occur in pairs – one from your father and one from your mother. Only on the occasion of meiosis do the two chromosomes combine to produce a combination of your mother and father that is passed on to children.

  2. TheNadakan says:

    Thanks for this. So very interesting. A question: My Mother was adopted. But I am currently not in contact with her. I want to do an ancestry test for her side but is it possible or will it get any substantial enough results? I am looking to find out where my Mothers Mother and her immediate family is around what area. Further then that I am not too bothered.

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