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GOLDEN STATE KILLER CASE SOLVED?  | How did he get away for 40 years??

GOLDEN STATE KILLER CASE SOLVED? | How did he get away for 40 years??

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LAST MYSTERY VIDEO: https://youtu.be/ZnuRZNRro-s

5-Part Podcast: https://audioboom.com/posts/6577780-case-53-the-east-area-rapist-1976-part-1

This SOLVED murder mystery is about the Serial Killer known as the Golden State Killer who has been caught 40 years later! How do you think he got away for so long?? Let me know down below!

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39 thoughts on “GOLDEN STATE KILLER CASE SOLVED? | How did he get away for 40 years??

  1. MonkeyMan says:

    This guy is exactly the reason we should have the right to own guns.

  2. GREAT JOB! ????? couldn't be told better, but he did go after the chief at his home

  3. You should talk about the guy Coley who was wrongfully convicted and served 40 years for a GSK crime.

  4. The Majiories were not potential rape victims, they were walking their dog one night and saw him prowling.

  5. Filthy policemen protected this blue monster

  6. FIRST LAST says:

    lol @ putting your own face in the thumbnail.

  7. Yes Law Enforcement caught him after 40yrs & his victims are happier for it.But really if you look it he got away with it.At 74 yrs old his life is at its End.He's lived his life know he will just rest in a Rent free place for the rest of his life.

  8. Love your videos. You're great at delivering the stories. Keep it up and thank you.

  9. I think you ladies should getogether and make rape a capital offence in each and every state. This guy is justhe worst of them all. I truly hate sadists and think they should be culled from the gene pool.

  10. What a great set! Love your antique typewriter. Info is coming out about DeAngelo's childhood. Sad & traumatic, as expected. Add Vietnam to the mix and you have the recipe for a rapist and killer. Still much more to the story!…

  11. DeAngelo is not the murder Rapist proven he never made the calls !

  12. Rodion 8 says:

    Incredible video. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Also, the dishes thing that he used is actually genius, gotta give him some credit for being so good at what he did.

    But finally they caught him and he got what he deserved.

  13. Where did you get the info on the phone calls to the victims, counselors and police station? A few of your accounts are different from what I’ve heard from the investigators. But you are going well

  14. Thank god for the good men in law enforcement who worked for 40years to track this sicko down.

  15. a2zme says:

    Nice typewriter 🙂

  16. Publically. I will state that I was saddened by the loss of MM on her passing as like me, for many years she put so much into the case and tried her best to capture the ONS. This I applaud her for. Even though she and I disagreed on many points and facts of the case, at the end of the day we were both trying to get the same result, that was the detection and capture of the ONS. We also spoke reference other cases here. (in Australia) Because I wasn't there and she wasn't here didn't mean we could not look at facts regarding cases.

    I feel for her loss and my sympathy goes out to her husband and family and I personally believe she is yet another victim of the ONS. Indirectly he has claimed many victims. Also, David Witthuhn whom I spoke to and has since sadly passed away. I attribute his death also to the ONS through stress.

    Finally, I am glad that the ONS has been captured and now finally we can put many cases to bed so to speak and clear up any other cases we did not suspect him of. Finally, victims and their families can take assurance that authorities never gave up on capturing him and they can now rest easy. Now is the time to rejoice knowing he has been arrested and can never intimidate another person like he has done as far back as 2004 through phone calls.

    I applaud MM for her book bringing recognition to many younger people who were unaware of the ONS crimes even though I, have in the past, disagreed with her regarding many facts on the case. She is in heaven looking down and I once again, thank her and others like her that never gave up on the case and persisted on his capture when many were unaware of him or had simply forgotten about his crime wave.

    I want to publically thank Larry Crompton and Larry Poole that put together the fact that the EAR was also the ONS. All the Forensic staff like Mary Hong and the other man that his name I have forgotten and I apologize for, Carol Daly that worked tirelessly to catch him and was also possibly an intended future victim of the ONS, and all the new detectives with a fresh focus on the case that used genealogy to capture the man we knew as the EAR/ONS.


  17. LoLo- please understand I was not attacking you for your opinion. I was just clearly pointing out that the ONS has been excluded through DNA as the Zodiac. I apologize if you feel I was attacking you as that was never my intention.
    As for his wife being involved, I may be wrong but evidence at this moment from authorities that I have had relayed is that no other person was involved. That is not saying that in some case he didn't have an accomplice. But I have been told by people in the Know, that his wife was at home pregnant in some cases and in others was caring for their children. Many police like Larry Crompton believed he acted alone. I seem to support this belief as in many cases where several people are involved, someone opens their mouth and brags. The ONS was a smart man and I don't think he risked this thus he acted alone. If it is proven I am wrong I will admit it.

  18. H-Mann says:

    If they had a DNA data base for Police officers he would have been caught long ago.

  19. P I says:

    Hello! just discovered you, you are awesome!?✨
    New fan, Isabelle in Canada. ?

  20. Nergal says:

    The thing I love about this guy was he DESTROYED the rich, upper class elite. He wasn't just luring in trash prostitutes then raping and killing them like most serial killers, he went for the couples who had it ALL! The looks, money, relationship, careers, suburban home and BOOM! All gone in a night.

    MAXIMUM respect to the Original Night Stalker, Joseph Deangelo. I wish I could buy him a beer.

  21. It is also known that one intended victim was a single mother who was a detective working the case at the time. I changed my opinion after speaking with David (now deceased) who was the husband of one murder victim. He was in Hospital at the time. David believed that the ONS knew he was in hospital and thus the reason he struck his home. He also believed that there was a hospital link that I agreed upon. I also believe he knew some or if not all of the victims. Many worked within a hospital environment or actually worked with Police that could have had come into contact with him when he was in the police.

    As a police officer he would have come into contact with lawyers, etc and also hospitals through going there to investigate some cases. A link only he can answer. I would take death off the table in return for an honest statement from the ONS attributing all crimes to him and others (if any) we are unaware of. This way we can clear old cases, see what he did and didn't do and put many families of victims at ease knowing they have a killer responsible for the loss of their loved one/s.

    Lets face it, Death proves nothing and at his age he will die sooner than later in jail. If he is not murdered in there as a result of his crimes first. I think it is better to clear all cases that can be attributed to him. He is still a very cunning offender and I believe he will now try and play authorities and use the dementia card or " I can't remember card" like many captured offenders do. I just hope he admits his crimes and ones we are unaware of, if any.

    I don't think he is an impulsive killer as such like some serial killers, I think he is a planner and organiser and kills those he sees and wants. Maybe where women are pawns in his vicious game and those he killed reminded him of a past girlfriend that used or deserted him.

    Either way he is caught that will now bring a sense of closure to many victims and their families remembering that even his capture won't take away the pain and stress they still suffer. I appalud their strength and determination to carry on living a prosperous life.

    Hopefully now with his capture through DNA, authorities can now close many other unsolved case where DNA is evident. Even the Jack the ripper case. They have DNA from the offender in this case as well but I am not sure how strong the DNA evidence will be after many years.

    Makes people especially criminals of violent crimes, think twice about donating DNA to ancestory sites or allowing their kin to do likewise. Maybe this is the new tool authorities have to close old cases where DNA was present. Great work to think outside the box and the person that thought up this should be commended.

  22. I am amazed that so many people that have not heard about this case suddenly come out and try and get fame from the story. This case has been going for years and suddenly I see all these people trying to get fame from his capture doing posts and videos.

    I am sick and tired of hearing how a recent book that was published was the main reason why the ONS (Original Night Stalker) was captured. Poppycock! While the book did bring attention to the story it was definitely not responsible for his capture.

    I am in Australia, and I was profiling this case as far back as 2000. There was an original site that people could post their theories on the case. I was openly ridiculed by many for my professional profile. Those that ridiculed me for my profile should now show their faces and apologize. As they were wrong whilst I was right. I had spoken to David the husband of one murder victim. I was even ridiculed by MM for my profile saying she knew more.

    My profile included that the word Michael was in some way involved. I also stated that he would have known of the law, would be professionally trained however would work in a minor capacity. I also stated he would be military trained, have knowledge of police training, would have known some of the victims, would still live in the same area as he first started, would still be alive, would not be dead, would not have been suspected by anyone, would be physically strong and fit, would most likely have or possibly have thyroid problems (hyperactive and non secretor), would not be into bondage or dominance in his personal life, would not be the outcast loner single male as many suspected.

    It is now known his ex-wife at the time was a lawyer, he was former navy, he was a former police officer and a father of three girls and definitely not an outcast loser like Manson like many suspected. Whilst I argued with MM that he would not be dead and would just have suddenly stopped, we now know I was right on that as well. Anyone in the states can easily see what I am saying is correct by looking up previous posts I wrote as far back as 2000.

    Many people agreed with me and like me, they were ridiculed as well by these so-called armchair detectives that thought they knew everything because they were writing a book. This is why I am amazed that people now would give credit to someone that did not actually get one thing right about the killer we now know as Deangelo.

    Real credit needs to go to people like Larry Crompton, Paul Holes, Larry Poole and the countless detectives that never gave up on hunting him down. While MM brought light to an old story, she had gotten so many things wrong in her armchair deduction of the offender. Another author actually tried to ridicule me and assault my intelligence by stating I was wrong and the offender or the ONS was none other than the Unabomber.

    What really annoys me though is that these same people that never got one fact right, refused to look at people like him as a suspect and continued to believe that he was dead or he was a person in the calibre of Manson, I say, you should be ashamed you now show your faces and try to claim fame by spruiking out now to bring attention to yourself. Disgusting.

    I have written over 500 posts on this case and now know that I can hold my head high knowing that my profile was on the money. What I cannot believe is that younger people living in Sacremento have never heard of this case. I live in Australia and all my family knew of it since 2000. It is not about coming out of the woodwork to claim some sort of glory like many people have that have done videos saying they knew all along who the ONS was when they have just heard of the case. Any glory should go to the police who tracked down the ONS and never gave up on capturing him. Well done!

    Whilst I knew he was still alive and would be caught through modern forensic procedures, I still thought it wouldn't be for a few years. I will also admit that I was wrong on his age. I thought he would have been between 18 and 25 when he first started his crime spree. He was apparently 30.

    I must say I found this video informative for those that are unaware of the history of the ONS and not like other videos that try to claim some sort of glory for the capture of the ONS/EAR. Well done to the young girl that did this post. Good to see you didn't try and claim fame by outing the ONS and have everyone think that you alone were the real reason he was captured like many people do or try especially book authors that were wrong on every account about the ONS/EAR. All that did was suspect the wrong type of person we were actually looking for. This is the main reason why he avoided detection for so long. Armchair detectives that were openly voicing their profiles that were wrong and looking at the wrong people.

    I work with criminals and to catch a killer you must try and think like one. Think outside the box. Even though that is hard, that is what one must do if you seriously want to catch a killer. I believe profiling is a genuine tool that authorities must use to catch a killer and not rely on tips from crackpots ringing up with misleading ideas and so-called right on the money authors trying to grow rich from book deals. I will openly say that the book is a fiction and nothing more.

    Whilst I will get negative feedback for my post I don't care as I have known the truth and I know he was captured because of the hard work and tireless effort of police, not because of the publication of a book.

  23. LoLo says:

    I think his wife was his accomplice. (victims reported hearing a muffled female voice, and him talking to someone). Also, even though his wife is a divorce lawyer and they've been separated, they have not divorced. (law says married people don't have to testify against each other). Also, I think he is the Zodiac killer. The timeline matches.

  24. Is it bad I'm watching this at 12am?

    Edit: When I started watching this video I was on my side, in my room, with my door closed and I just felt like I was telling myself to go on my back. I turn on my back cause I feel like someone would come up behind me when im sleeping, it scares me so much. So I cover up all the way and I'm on my back, I know im not scared but tbis little tiny voice i can barley hear is telling me I am. Its so scary to be in a situation like this.

  25. Weaver says:


  26. Weaver says:


  27. We've been told that these people have an uncontainable compulsion that it is impossible for them to switch this compulsion off & on. Looks like it's time to revisit that theory.

  28. I just did a video on this! Brooke you should check it out! And I have been keeping up with the case and it’s just getting weirder and weirder! ????

  29. Just starting this, and I ultimately dont mean to intend much more than, slow rank of insanity seems inverse, wouldn't the ultimate insanity and ultimate murderer be a climb? Just like ultimate implies in every situation from mental issues to genious… ultimate literally means the top… sorry… fuck this guy, but I dont fully get the verbage… will continue watching since I pussed out last night, and maybe will again today…

    Nah, I'm finishing this and did….

    I also get the feel, like I have in the past, talking to females, I'm sorry, If you don't have a past that drove you to this, please correct me, but I am sorry If you did and your past wasnt that great, I just get that vibe… :/

    Drug addicts stop… stuff like this was apparently a rush… thats all I can say…

  30. kiminicole says:

    you're videos are absolutely amazing! These stories are so insane but you tell them in a way where it's not super scary, but you still feel the creepy/evil feeling of these people.

  31. I love how they are scary but not to scary I love how you tell the story it’s relaxing ❤️

  32. Thank God he is in jail right

  33. Tballx22 says:

    The amount of preparation and dedication he had to his attacks are what set him apart every other serial killer, it was almost like he treated it like a career rather than a series of compulsive acts. Not only would he prowl and case victims houses months in advance, he would do it to neighbours as well to make sure he could strike at the most opportune moment.

    You mentioned it in the video, but one particularly creepy encounter happened with a couple where a man had what he thought was a his loaded shotgun next to his bed as he slept and was woken by the attacker. The attacker shined a flashlight in his face and after issuing his threats to both him and the woman he shined it to the shotgun, then back to his face. He did this several times without saying a word, almost daring him to go for it. The man didn't and he and his wife were the next victims. The next day as officers were investigating they found that not only was the gun not loaded but someone had neatly lined up the ammunition rounds in row under the victims bed, indicating he had broken in previously to unload it, possibly earlier that same day.

  34. Thank you! Like you all the news story's I have read only say that he was caught. You are the first person I have seen talk about him. You did a good job on the intro too.

  35. This was so interesting hearing all the little details the news left out!! Thank you for making this??

  36. Yayyy I get so excited when you post! ? Love these videos keep them going! I think someone within the police knew something and were covering it up x

  37. Jenn Holly says:

    You are so brilliant at telling these stories! Please keep doing them<3 <3

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