Home DNA AncestorGolden State Killer Press Conference 04/25/18
Golden State Killer Press Conference 04/25/18

Golden State Killer Press Conference 04/25/18

Golden State Killer Press Conference


22 thoughts on “Golden State Killer Press Conference 04/25/18

  1. post a percentage of how close his DNA is to the genealogy match please if it's him

  2. Do cops have their DNA taken and put in system?? They should have!! j/s

  3. Nala Cub says:

    Why did he stop? or did he?? Are there more??

  4. Motorsash says:

    Zodiac retains his “still not caught” US serial killer!

  5. So when on earth did he have time to be a police officer, while moving through all of these counties? ijs

  6. Gery K says:

    After what? He is old enough and he will die soon anyway! Police officers did knew then what he done but as usual they always covering up for each others.

  7. At 72 he may not be a physical threat to society anymore, but he deserves every bit of the emotional and physical suffering he brought on his victims. I'm so glad justice has finally been served.

  8. Did this cop work on the case they should have took everyone on the case Dna they would have got him sooner

  9. How many other crimes out there being done buy cops need to check there Dna with other crimes

  10. They knew years ago they just couldn't believe it so they waited how many other are in jail for his crimes

  11. I wonder how many other cops are out there doing the same thing you need to check all cops Dna for crimes that are committed there not perfect cause there cops

  12. he might not be the only one out there…

  13. His ex wife and his kids must be going through hell right now. ? I hope the media will give them space (though we all know that won’t happen)

  14. Renee Hust says:

    Similar to BTK killer case. Thank God he is behind bars. My prayers for the victims and their families.??

  15. Jim Nesta says:

    There's a lot of serious back-patting going on here, hope no arm injuries occur as a result.

  16. not the Golden State killer may be ran Sacker not the murderer

  17. Joe Smith says:

    Never heard if this.

  18. Should have catch him long time ago. He going to die soon. He didn't get chance to suffer

  19. Obviously some people pointed him out thinking he was a suspect.. the cops didn’t just stumble upon him

  20. What we thought we already knew? I dunno about that and thank you to Michelle McNamara for shining a light on these cases

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