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9 thoughts on “gps origins dna test results

  1. Your False, concerning the Native Americans. Way off!

  2. The normal cost of the kit is 199.00 on sale now for 149.00.  So the 79.00 for the upload is a bargain

  3. Nickole C says:

    i see people keep mentioning this $70+ for uploading results? what does that mean? also how safe is this company? it looks pretty interesting. did my test with another company and the results were so vague i felt that was more of waste of money then something like this. thanks for the video btw!

  4. JustFacts says:

    I have my GPS origins test too The test goes back 1000 years so pre-colonial Africa

  5. Kandi P. says:

    they need to expand the gene pool, I think its over priced

  6. Nice video…I have never heard of this company…Looks nice… I just don't see much value added….@ $75.00 you should have gotten a lot more for your money! They should have charged much less for the upload! You have received more information from gedmatch and DNA Tribes for less the cost. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  7. I didn't know it cost 79 dollars to up load your results

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