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Grandpa Ancestry DNA Results: How big was the lie? | British Raj Secrets

Grandpa Ancestry DNA Results: How big was the lie? | British Raj Secrets

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If you’re having problems understanding us (my microphone is rubbish and we have an odd mix of accents), there are subtitles available.

After my Ancestry DNA results (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjFxaH9Sdjo), revealed that my grandpa is actually part Indian, not Portuguese as he was told when growing up during the British Raj, my grandpa took the DNA test to find out more about who his mother really was.


31 thoughts on “Grandpa Ancestry DNA Results: How big was the lie? | British Raj Secrets

  1. Can't hear u the volume is low, ur mouth is moving, but can't hear u …

  2. achanwahn says:

    So he's Asian! Wow!

  3. Roxanne says:

    You spoke very quiet, could only here a few words. My volume was at max. Anyway

  4. Even looking at her you can say he probably has some indian in there

  5. He actually looks Indian and his characteristics too. Pretty cool to find out these things.

  6. Terry Lee says:

    The poor man cant accept he has Dravidian blood (South Indian). Victim of institutional racist mentality!

  7. Terry Lee says:

    The old man acts so Indian!

  8. Is she a low talker? I can't hear her swallowing her words.

  9. s dizzle says:


  10. Asma Ali says:

    He should come see other old Indian men .. they are exactly like him . Even his body language is soooo Gujrati !!!!!

  11. jlusk999 says:

    It is so obvious that your grandfather is Indian just by looking at him. You even look Indian yourself.

  12. He looks Indian, he moves in Indian and he has a slight Indian accent. He even is not that light skinned.

  13. So he was basically a mix of Indian and to a lesser extent Northern European based on those accumulative percentages. Not exactly a surprise given the history you already know but I suppose he knew about the Northern European side because that is what made him a little different when in India. Great vid.

  14. Possible Gypsy ancestry

  15. Web Rookie says:

    I don't get it. How is it all you people doing these ancestry tests doubt have mirrors? You absolutely look Indian. What is the shock? You have family and knife your family history. There is no way in hell you didn't know that man was Indian.

  16. thank you for sharing a nice family video.

  17. Jack Naga says:

    You talk a lot of shit, can't you just start with the results? The only good part about this video was your grandpa cracking a joke about the disease.

  18. I'm from Jammu and Kashmir
    I've 78% south asian
    15% central asian and rest askenazi jew

  19. He looks and sounds India. How can you not see and hear that?



  21. Anglo Saxons aren’t just the English race. Did his mom not tell him her race or did he ever ask her?

  22. Dave says:

    Damn, I thought you told him he was on a video camera that was currently recording. What the Hell is he doing with his mouth/tongue? He looks like an idiot/fool. Does he not understand it looks stupid?

  23. goa that is in India was Portuguese territory until 1961 who was born there till that date was a Portuguese citizen

  24. This man knows he's indian.

  25. Obviously we are all brothers and sisters because God said he made Man In His Image he never said he made races in His image and we all came from Noah and his family after God destroyed the world

  26. White people have been living in North Africa for years and who gives a damn we all came from Noah after God destroying the Earth

  27. Don't people understand that European and Irish people have been living in North America for years North Africa where the rich people live in South America is where the poor people live they took over North Africa 4 thousands of years ago because of its luscious green ground and wealthy lands

  28. And the huge reveal now is that they are finding out these test are not accurate. Mine had a 17% average of African and I'm not speaking of white Africans.

  29. Dravidian are Serbs. Sanskrit =Serbian= Celtic language. They are hidung the truth that all Europeans are Serbian. Evan Aleksandet the Great was Serb not Greek

  30. Nim Boo says:

    The most accurate DNA test in the world is the one you can do with the NAKED EYE.
    Phenotype will reveil itself in your face hair hands feet breasts, bone structure … everything physical and metaphysical.
    It will be obvious in the way you move your body, the way you laugh, the way you walk, how you orgasm, how your nervous system responds to pain your sense of duty and reliability, your IQ, your tendancy to truth or to pathological dishonesty, your focusing skills, your bravery, your patience, how you behave in love, your musical and artistic proclivities …..
    … everything.
    Because race is just a social construct … right?

  31. you are cute, what is your phone number?

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