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  1. Spain is in Europe dude.

  2. Dan Moreno says:

    You appear to have mostly Spanish with a measure of Middle Eastern lineage.

  3. flmvdvsrg says:

    A couple of things. You not having Italian DNA (or not enough to show up on a test) doesn't necessarily mean your lineage isn't Italian. Not all of your parents' traits will show up on you. When people say they're 1/8th x thing, that's a lie. If, for instance, your mother is 100% English and your father is 100% Japanese, it's unlikely that you are exactly half and half. You might have inherited more English genes than Japanese ones or the other way around. There's a randomness aspect to heritage. There are recessive and dominant traits. Recessive ones are less likely to show up in you and dominant ones are more likely to show up, and even then you can't be completely sure if the dominants will actually show up, there's just a statistical probability that they will. This is why despite the fact that you have native american heritage you look like a regular white guy. Also take into account not even Italians who live in Italy and have lived there for generations are 100% Italian due to mixing with other Europeans and potentially even North Africans or some other ethnicity going on for centuries.

    That said, I'm not a biologist and this is me remembering what I learned in biology class at college plus stuff I've read on reputable websites/journals, so even though I'm confident what I'm saying holds truth, I might be wrong on some details. However, changing the topic a bit, of the following I'm sure: Latino is kind of a meaningless term when it comes to genetic heritage. Latino just means you're culturally from a Latin American country. You can be 100% Nigerian African racially, but if you just happen to born/grow up in Mexico or Colombia or whatever Latin country, you're Latino. And Latin America isn't called that because of its Spanish/Iberian colonization, it's called that because the languages spoken there (Spanish and Portuguese) are Romance languages which come from the Latin language. If Quebec were its own country it'd technically be part of Latin America too because French is a Romance language. Being Spanish is no less European than being German. The only thing you might take into account regarding that is that a minority of Spaniards have some Arab DNA in them because of the Muslim occupation of the Iberian peninsula during the middle ages. It's only a minority of them, and the ones who do have it generally have around 6% of Middle Eastern heritage, but they do and that might explain why you have a bit of that DNA as well.
    Also, the Aztecs were in North America, in the center of Mexico. The Maya were in Central America plus the south of Mexico. I'm sure there's more Central American indigenous groups but I don't actually know them, lol.

    Also, love your channel. I'm in my early 20s and trying to figure out how bad my hair is getting. I don't have any thinning in the back of my head, and in the front I don't think I have but your hair doesn't look that thin on the front, at least when you aren't pulling it up, so I'm afraid I'm just missing something. The only sure sign I have of this is that I have a peninsula. Google the guy from ARTV Reviews and that's kind of how it looks for me. Anyway, keep it up.

  4. pat557 says:

    Aztec/ native american would have given you a juvenile hairline "Did you see that bald native american?"–Said no one ever. ..alas, Its the European DNA that's responsible for recession . You look fine…

  5. I have never seen anyone so mixed up regarding dna make up. Mexicans are a mixture of native american (aztec) and European. Spain which is on the Iberian penninsula but is still in Europe is one of the many possible european countries that could possibly have contributed to the mix. Big deal! So you have learned something new. As for the "Italian" relax and get over it. I have said before country boundaries change with wars and conquests. Please research history of eastern european countries bordering Italy. They were ruled by Italy for a period of time and forced to take on Italian identity. Just as you Aztec ancestors were over run by spaniards. Get over it! Latino is a cultural identity not a solely a result of genetics alone. Your agitation over this is unnerving.

  6. 7860092 says:

    Can u make a video abt what causes DHT plz? Does masturbation cause it?

  7. But you look more European than Latino

  8. Robert says:

    Very interesting! You should do the ancestry.com free trial to find out more about your mysterious Spanish/Italian relatives! I learned all sorts of cool stuff during my trial, like that I had a relative who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War, among other things. Also found pictures of Norwood 1 great great great and great great grandfathers, one of whom had an absolutely epic handlebar mustache in his prime.

  9. Cadi says:

    Oh my god, I can't believe what I just heard. How can you be so ignorant? Are you really saying that Spanish people is not european? Have you ever looked at a map or read some history?

    Do you really think that Spanish and native american is the same? Spanish is european, white; and native american people has asian origins and they live in another part of the world.

    Spanish people and native american people have nothing to do. What happened is that the Spanish Empire conqueredAmerica and some spanish people mixed with the native american people (like some english, german, irish… people mixed with african black people in the USA).

    So you are 75% european, you can't put together Spanish and native american because these are two groups completely different.

    Here you have a map of europe which shows the DNA composition of the different countries and you will see that Spanish people is similar to people from Great Britain and France (these are Celtic populations).


  10. "I'm half way there" was the best statement you made!
    Remember that the DNA tests just give you the percentage points of your ancestry back and lace on today's map. Don't forget there was a lot of movement of different peoples throughout history. Germanic and Dutch can relate to England too. The Anglo-Saxons settled in England aroung the 600 AD. They came from parts of modern Denmark, Germany and Friesland (The Netherlands) that were all of Germanic origin. It could be that your English side did not intermix as other tribes did. You might still have the original genes. I have done some research for our family and it shows something similar, whereby I am 50% celtic (Scots) and 50% Germanic (English). I am truly envious of your Aztec ancestry though. That is cooler than cool! You should ask you parents to do the same test and then compare the results with yours.

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