Home DNA AncestorHow Relative’s DNA Helped Cops Catch Suspected Golden State Killer
How Relative’s DNA Helped Cops Catch Suspected Golden State Killer

How Relative’s DNA Helped Cops Catch Suspected Golden State Killer

James Joseph DeAngelo was once engaged to Bonnie Lee Colwell. In their engagement announcement in a local California newspaper, it described her as a lab assistant at Sierra College. Police say the serial killer screamed “I hate you, Bonny! I hate you, Bonny!” while he was carrying out a terrifying attack in the 1970s. Information from GEDmatch led detectives to a family member of DeAngelo. They then used other information they had amassed about the Golden State Killer to close in on DeAngelo.


36 thoughts on “How Relative’s DNA Helped Cops Catch Suspected Golden State Killer

  1. Ben Kaplan says:

    In a bizzare coincidence she knew a guy who knew a guy wh worked for him…SOOOO BIZZARE!!!


  3. WolfyPlayZ says:

    I hope he gets the death penalty

  4. They should have gave him the name The Little Willie Rapist! why does that remind me of Bill Clinton?

  5. Angel Wig says:

    Y'all PROBABLY thought he was BLACK, the way y'all ATTACK BLK MEN.

  6. That woman is very strong even as a teen

  7. Mc Solek says:

    White man's trademark

  8. Auntie M says:

    You go girl. The best revenge is to show them, they really weren’t in control of you.

  9. Vick Nad says:

    So he went on a rampage of killing and raping just cause he hated someone? I hope he gets tortured and killed slowly just like how he did to his victims.

  10. RJ Johnson says:

    Open up the Jon Benet Ramsey case again!

  11. LONtoLAX says:

    Looked at the man and I'm not shocked.

  12. With the rotten justice system,this man might walk free!

  13. Bonnie was smart enough to get away from this monster. Can we maybe leave her alone 30+ years later?

  14. That’s crazy that Bonnie went to Sierra College. That’s currently where I am going

  15. This bad rapist hombre is sure from across the border. Believe me!

  16. Dat nose piercing though…

  17. White on white crime! Who the f$@k cares?!

  18. Funny how this was 5 mins away from me

  19. Let me have this old bastard the Cuban Death. Burn his balls with a torch for 90 seconds. I got the feeling he's going to scream.

  20. All these years he thought he got away…lol

  21. So if it is him. How exactly do you punish him.

  22. catch the zodiac next there’s hope ?

  23. I’m curious now… did Bonnie break up with him? Or did he kill her? What happened…

  24. I hate you bonnie
    Look at my username ?

  25. Wow not afraid lol smh

  26. Was his name clyde ha ha ha

  27. Why so many white serial rapist and killer's..

  28. Luna Night says:

    So he hated Bonnie because ???

  29. lol "do you want me to kill your mother"

    – Sure

  30. Parabéns show!.. canal ✨?✨
    Um belíssimo abençoado início de feriado,
    A todos que está aqui ✨?✨

  31. maroirr says:

    Another white serial killer the most dangerous race

  32. On Wikipedia it states Penis size is frequently described as Smaller than average ? ..what a sick disgusting Small dick Troll

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