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How They Used DNA To Access Ancestry Database – LEO Round Table episode 574

How They Used DNA To Access Ancestry Database – LEO Round Table episode 574

00:45 How they caught the Golden State Killer using DNA evidence
10:00 Florida officer denied immunity, must stand trial for murder
11:25 Protesters upset about deadly force used against naked man

LEO Round Table (law enforcement talk show)

Episode 574 filmed on 06/04/2018

Chip DeBlock (Host)
Ward Meythaler (Attorney)
Bret Bartlett
David D’Agresta
Cody Ann Cook
John Newman

1 hour LIVE show every Monday at 7 pm EST
Episodes uploaded to YouTube Tue – Sun at approx. 4 pm EST

Topic 1 concerns an article by Jennifer Bucholtz (American Military University Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Faculty Member) revealing how Contra Costa County (California) District Attorney’s Office Investigator Paul Holes strategized to catch Golden State Killer Joseph DeAngelo. It involves Investigator Holes submitting the killer’s DNA to ancestry site GEDMatch. Reference was made to a genealogy expert in the article.

It should be noted that our own panelist, retired Cpl. David D’Agresta, suspected this might have been what happened in Episode 542 filmed on 04/30/2018:

Episode 542



Topic 2 concerns Circuit Judge Samantha Schosberg Feuer denying former Palm Beach Gardens (Florida) Police Officer Nouman Raja’s motion for immunity and determining that he must stand trial for the shooting death of motorist Corey Jones.


Topic 3 concerns protesters upset about the use of deadly force by an unnamed Richmond (Virginia) Police officer against naked motorist Marcus-David Peters on 05/14/2018.



9 thoughts on “How They Used DNA To Access Ancestry Database – LEO Round Table episode 574

  1. RibbitHopX says:

    I used 23andMe and you can have them destroy your sample and you can opt out of being part of research. I'm sure other testing companies have that option, such as Ancestry – if you would read their terms and conditions, and their blog post from 2017 which uses plain and simplified language <er>. But, yes, GEDmatch is a great database for finding relatives who used other companies to construct a DNA profile and for familial DNA investigative researching.

  2. I swear some people would protest if an officer shot Hannibal Lector as he's eating someone's leg while they are still alive.

  3. I love how Chip says "naked" ?. I agree with the last seg. Someone looking crazy and charging me saying they're going to kill me after a taser didnt work, not sure what I'd do. People shouldn't judge that police officer.

  4. Ward's DNS will probably show up with some mutated Chromosome from some unknown past drug use..LOL ..(JUST kidding) and everybody could see the naked man running around half cocked..and for all we know he could have loaded up on some screamin tacos, killer burritos or baked bean bombs ready let let them loose at any time..lol

  5. "These no nothings, do nothings" just expressed your anger about them PROTESTING._. God forbid a community questions police action about a fellow citizen. You sound tone death Mr. Bartlett, get off the high horse. You just showed one out of the many symptoms, of why there is such such a disconnect, but by all means keep up that rhetoric, continue to show and express your ignorance, and corrosive rhetoric._.SMH

  6. g wagner says:

    Hopefully the new Ward would get a haircut

  7. I’m not gonna be surprised if they collect dna at birth some day.

  8. EDDIE LEAL says:

    During my service in the Army we had to give up DNA. Reason being was that if we were killed in action and they could not use dental records to identify our bodies they could use DNA to do so. Of course this would help families with closure and facilitate the receiving of certain benefits like life insurance proceeds which in my case was approximately $450K back then. We didn't put up a fuss about it because we felt it was for a good cause not to mention the fact that we were also in the military and had to comply regardless. lol! Knowing what we know now about what can be done with DNA I feel that the powers that be have even more info on us that what I feel comfortable with. lol!

  9. EDDIE LEAL says:

    Hope you all had a great week thus far. Happy to see the next discussion is up and running. Looks to be an interesting one. 😉

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