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9 thoughts on “How to get your mtDNA from AncestryDNA

  1. juicer67 says:

    It's April 23, 2018 and the link at the bottom of the main Ancestry DNA page is not there.

  2. https://ytree.morleydna.com/extractFromAutosomal
    Download your raw DNA Data from Ancestry.comUpload it to the above link and follow the steps which will take a couple of mins..Or you can go to another website calledWegene.com
    It is a Chinese site and can be adopted to english … I used both sites and got the same results

  3. LaLiLuLeLo says:

    I feel cheated. It was only after my test that I realized that ancestry has discontinued their haplogroup information. Bullshit. Now it's all about finding family…and you still have to pay 99 dollars per half year to even begin building your family tree! So, what did I pay for for 99 dollars? A significantly less detailed report on my ethnic heritage than expected and no real way of connecting with my extended family unless I pay more. Great. That's just great.

  4. I don't have this opinion, so what opinions do I have to get them?

  5. I just got my AncestryDNA (ADNA) results and I couldn't find the link on the Y DNA and MtDNA. I called the U.S. ADNA Customer Service (1-800-401-3193). I was told that ADNA no longer tests for the YDNA or the MtDNA because a new testing procedure allows them to accurately test the Autosomal DNA only. I told the Customer-Service Rep that I needed the raw DNA data, in order to upload it to GEDmatch.com. The CSR said she could email me a link to my Raw DNA and that the RDNA data should work in the GEDmatch.com. So, to get your RDNA, you need to call CS and ask them to send you a link.

  6. Cheri S says:

    It is not there on mine either … ARGH Ancestry! lol

  7. Lili T says:

    Well no need to look for it. They. No longer provide us with that information! You would think that when taking an autosomal DNA test they would at least provide also the mtDNA. I mean, c'mon! I wonder if there's a site something like GEDmatch where one could upload their raw data and find out their mtDNA. What a headache. Ancestry could totally give us that info. I mean it's their in the sample we gave them!

  8. Lili T says:

    Great video and very useful, thanks! However ancestry no longer has that link on the bottom of the page! Any idea how or where they moved it to?

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