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Revealing my 23andMe results & talking which of the countries I’ve been to!

Back in December, I scammed my dad into doing his 23andMe so I could get the $79 coupon code. The test was pretty easy and fun to do. It takes a lot of spit so be prepared for that!
My DNA results:

66.%1 Sub-Saharan African (62.1 West African)
21.8% European
10.2% East Asian & Native American

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38 thoughts on “I’M FILIPINA?!? MY DNA RESULTS | 23andMe

  1. You legit look like a Filipina! If you had straight hair and walked in Manila, you wouldn't be out of place! <3

  2. U have a really sweet voice I love to u talk

  3. Marcsxx says:

    Cute as a button ✊??

  4. Sean M says:

    The south African hunter gatherer, I assume, is Khoi or San (which ever was the hunter gatherer).

    They're a very distinct group and the original inhabitants of south Africa. They were displaced/over ran by the Bantus from West Africa but some distinct tribes still exist in Namibia and Botswana.

  5. 10% Asian, prepare to look young till you are 60 years old LOL! Vampire like Kate Beckinsale who has a Southeast Asian grandma.

  6. Sara P says:

    try ancestry dna it tells you specific west african countries

  7. Do the AncestryDNA which give you more specific west African countries

  8. bey sang says:

    What's your African percentage?

  9. Tina says:

    Filipinos and Blacks date/marry so this is no surprise. Why is everyone so surprised by their DNA results? Don't you guys study history?

  10. Cool DNA breakdown. I did mine, I'm thinking of uploading my results. I just started a travel vlog. Feel free to check it out!

  11. Hey sweet pea you definitely look Filipino! It’s in you and you have the traits! It’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Angb Rwill says:

    Beautiful results. I love how you incorporated your travels with your dna results video.

  13. Have fun in your travels.. ? beautiful

  14. Black people were everywhere!!!! Not stolen!!!

  15. You look Aeta from the Philippines! I have a great grand dad from Southern China who migrated t the Caribbean with his brother for work and married my great grand ma and the rest is history. Only 1/8 Chinese is small but since I know my Chinese family members, I do feel like it wouldn't be right to disregard this heritage just because it is small. I moved to Japan for work so, the dream of visiting China is way more accessible to me now! Thanks for the interesting videos!

  16. Youre a beautiful black filipina!! You got the best of both worlds!!

  17. You look Filipino. I work with a bunch of Filipinos. Very nice people. Thank you for sharing your results. Can you review your dad’s results?

  18. Day23J1k says:

    You should Genesis Gedmatch since your 23 and me. Wegene.com, DNALand.com, FTDNA.com, MyHeritage.com they free.

  19. The Filipina genes are strong. I thought you would have a greater percentage.

  20. At the end of the day, you came out beautiful! ??

  21. 'I need my bank account to be sexy'. That sentence alone made me subscribe. I look forward to watching your other videos.

  22. Filipino eyes never lie. Thanks for sharing. ?

  23. kout31 says:

    What is your maternal haplogroup?

  24. P. Archer says:

    upload your raw DNA to DNA.land for a break down of your 23&me results they do it at no charge. & congrats on your new genetic finds

  25. Pls find out which African country you come from in west Africa. You can find out on African ancestry.com I think it would be great if u can pinpoint which country u come from so u can connect more with ur roots and culture. But of course it's up to u.?

  26. Not2008Me says:

    You look like the indigenous Filipinos to me anyway, which are called Negritos. Black ppl are the mother's and father's of all civilization so we are every where.

  27. Dooky says:

    You should load your results through GEDmatch it will give you very specific results on some tests you can even get your ethnic group/clan (tribe as you call it in the Americas) it's completely free btw. Also, "Hunter Gatherer" is a collective term used for San and Khoi Khoi groups from Southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe etc). They are genetically, culturally and linguistically distinct from all other African groups. They have lighter skin, "Asian eyes", coarser than 4c hair and generally smaller features. They are classified as "Hunter Gatherers" because they are the only Africans who hunted and gathered in the past. West Africans, Bantus, East Africans and North Africans were all farmers and traders. They are actually the oldest people on our planet. You actually got a lot, most Afro Americans get less than 1% but your Filipina heritage explains this. Hope this is helpful. Love from South Africa.

  28. Have you considered taking the African Ancestry test to trace your ancestry back to the exact present day African country?

  29. You are beyond beautiful
    . Love that you travel these places. Awesome adventures. I would love to travel all the places i am from

  30. Their is a lot of indigenous black Filipinos.

  31. Sekhmet 13 says:

    YOU  look Filipina.

  32. You need to do AfricanAncestory

  33. Upload your results into Gedmatch to find out what tribes/clans you come from.It's much more detailed.

  34. Good video! I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry is 24Genetics https://24genetics.de/ with more than 400 regions. it is very specific and you can do it from 23andme raw data, hope it helps 🙂

  35. Great results! Ancestry.com test gives a little more detail as far as what countries in Africa in your DNA. It could be cool to compare your 23 & me results to Ancestry results. I think they’re on sale for $59 now. Safe travels!! Love the idea of a grown and sexy travel list!!

  36. bisdakdiay says:

    At a glance i thought you were an aeta(north philippine native)

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