Whats up guys? I didn’t think the first video I did was good enough so I remade it, getting to the point. I’m very proud of my heritage and I’m happy to share these results with yall! I would love for you guys to comment and tell me if you have done a test like this, also you should make a video and share it to me so I can watch yours. Subscribe if you want, I will be making many more videos! Thanks!




  1. Actually u look MENA and south europe

  2. and he is only since 1930 a Indian 🙂

  3. abhi raut says:

    Love u my fellow brother Gujarati …I m from Gujarat …

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    Also, I'm being accused of applying powder and putting on bright lights to appear more White. LOLOL The internet is hilarious.

    Here is my video response to those accusations.


  5. I don't understand the coments. someone said you "look european" i dont get that at all. i think you dont look that different from other gujarats, except for having slightly lighter skin and bigger nose. most muslims of gujarat are converts from hindu lohana clan. i am hindu lohana and i m fairer then you,and i did the harappa test and i got 11% less south indian then you even though i am hindu. south indians can be fair too. i don't know understand how anybody can think all indians are dark! if you go to india most people have wheatish skin color like dipika padukone and you can see both many fair and dark people.

  6. I found genetics of: Gujarat India according to the health study of protheinase.

    How to interpret this.

    He confirmed that I have pretty Eastern genetics too.

  7. Alix4991 says:

    you look like Balochi, not indian and Balochistan is province of Pakistan.

  8. MochaDiva says:

    I’m a mix of North Indian (dad) and South Indian (mom), but I grew up in the US, I’m a mess… but it’s alright

  9. Your pretty much Indian.

  10. ramboram03 says:

    Baloch is Baloooch not Balok lol, and its basically Neolithic Iranian ancestry which is the main ancestry for Paks and Northern Indians, the South Indian is a mix of Neolithic Iranian and Tribal Austro munda people ie Adivasi

  11. Im HispanicCarribbean but I have Indian heritage as well My gr8 gr8 grandma is an Indian Trinidadian her mother was from India many people see me as Indian b4 anything else

  12. Hey moron, were you born in India? If not, and you were born in America, then you are American first and foremost. Your ethnicity is Indian and that's cool you are proud of it, but don't ignore your allegiance, loyalty and love for the fucking country you were born in. Tired of these idiotic "desi's" brainwashed by their parents to only represent India. You are not from India, yes you can have respect, but you need to mention and be proud of your American upbringing and heritage. Now, if you were not born in America, then carry on. India has a good history, but modern day India is disgusting. If you are born and raised in America and someone asks you what you are, you should say American! Then say if they are asking about your family's heritage or ethnicity you are Indian…you grow up in a country that provides you with everything and yet you try to only represent your families heritage. Americans who are white, don't just talk about their european heritage, they also are proud Americans.

  13. I subscribed Love From India <3 :))

  14. Mo says:

    Crazy how you look really light skinned but you're only 7% european

  15. You can't be proud of something you had no influence on tho, like your ethnicity. The nonexistent you didn't choose ah I'm gonna be an Indian. Pride is for your actions, things you had control over. SMH

  16. Ro Hoff says:

    Hi, I had my DNA tested by National Geographic Geno about 2years ago. Im a Gujarati Patel with ancestors intermarrying (supposed) within 6 villages for generations . This test showed that I’m 95% south Asian, 3% Scandinavian and 2% Asia Minor. I’m guessing that the Scandinavian and Asia Minor results are just noise – DNA that wasn’t recognized. These tests are of limited use because there just isn’t enough information about south Asians. South Asian is a pretty broad group including Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali etc. Geographic compared my results with a typical North Indian and South Indian. I have more south Asian dna than either group. I’m also .8% Neanderthal.

  17. Bro You know your history good cool

  18. You don't look Indian at all I thought you are white

  19. Thanks so much for the info! Definitely going to try this and let you know my results. Do you know if it's worth getting the extra health package with 23 and me? I want to get as much info as possible but don't want to waste my money if it doesn't tell you much for Indian DNA ?

  20. this was very indepth and informative video .thank you for doing this ! 🙂

  21. Why is that they only have one category for India? but so many sub-categories in other regions. India is not homogenous country. It has 1.3 billions people and when you combine all of South Asian combined it's 1.7 billion. People in the North, South, East and West all look different, have different cultures, languages, and therefore have different DNA's. There has been many invasion and migration into India over thousands of years. Its unfair how they specify European, Asian and Africans, but India as only one population, all 1.7 billion are one population?? They separate West Africa from Central African, Northern European from Southern, even England is separate from Irish and Scots who are pretty much just like them? LOL India is ancient with thousands of years of history and is older than many other populations. It deserves to be broken down into sub-categories.

  22. high caste hindus have baloch ancestry are you high caste hindu?

  23. SHOCKWAVEi says:

    lol desi not dasei

  24. Awwww sugar. Ur not 100% Indian. It's all good though ? your caucasian is strong and as I always suspected, India is mixed with African, not all but definitely the browner ones. Luv yo vid!

  25. Kush Kush says:

    cool results bro. Your results are roughly halfway between upper caste gujaratis and gujarati muslims. Gujarati muslims get 33% S.indian and gujarati brahmins get 44% S.indian. You have a south indian shift compared to the muslims but some SW asian/caucasian/mediterranean shift compared to the gujarati upper castes. Your baloch is quite low for gujaratis but you have slightly elevated caucasian. I guess this also shows that you might have some west asian influence although its negligible.

  26. That is great that you value your heritage. So many people try to be someone else because they are unhappy with themselves. How much does the test cost?
    I liked and subscribe to your channel.
    Check out my videos too and subscribe to my channel too.

  27. hey baby says:

    Is anyone pure indian tho?? Even in India lol

  28. Vin C says:

    Another nice video bro. Your last video was great as well, it started quite a bit of a dialogue 🙂
    My results have been coming very similar to yours. I'm trying to run all the relevant calculators on GEDMatch and consolidate my results for a video.

    Also you mentioned Gencove. I did upload my raw data there, and the results I got were quite different from GEDMatch. It showed 58% Central Asian, 28% Central Indian, and about only 4% South Indian. Did you see similar differences?

    And where do you live? I"m in Dallas, TX.

  29. I think I saw your last video as well man !

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