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interpreting Promethease

interpreting Promethease

A video tutorial showing how to navigate and interpret a Promethease report


7 thoughts on “interpreting Promethease

  1. I just ran my Promethease report the other day and it looks nothing like this. Apparently, the format has changed?

  2. How do you find your haplogroup im using my file from ancestry for Promethease

  3. Oh Also Pormethese said I have smaller than usual breasts. Sadly they are the largest on the block but I do spend my days wondering about breast reduction surgery that I am probably too old for and so I will probably let the girls be. Very sad that gene didn't kick in tho. I hate the way my upper torso looks.

  4. I'm still trying to figure out my ancestry on Promethease. I know my initial report in Genes For Good said I am 100% Eurpean but I want to know what kind of european. I can't find it to save my poor bad heard, skitzophrenic severly depressed diabetic soul.who may or may not have aids but test high for some HIV thing through Promethease. Now I gotta go get an aids test. which may have cause my cartird artery to be plugged on up, but It's OK becasue I think I'm getting Alz. Should be interesting. and I still don't know how much Irish I am. I thank you for all I am finding out tho.

  5. Thanks Mike. Very informative video. Which software are you using to record your computer's screen?

  6. moorek1967 says:

    Promethease showed me at a higher risk of MS than 23 and Me. I have MS.

  7. mateolan says:

    Perhaps rather than getting rid of the tag cloud, a person could be able to choose the context, from a drop-down box, that the magnitudes of the tag cloud entries represent i.e. increaed risk, decreased risk, known associations, etc.
    Great example of the merging of modern media technology with cutting edge bioinformatics information…looking forward to seeing what version 1.0 looks like.

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