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Introducing the ‘Shared Matches’ Feature | AncestryDNA

Introducing the ‘Shared Matches’ Feature | AncestryDNA

Want to do more with your DNA matches. Check out the latest tool, ‘shared matches’ that will pull a list of DNA matches that you and one of your DNA matches have in common. This might help you determine which family line you share or give you more evidence that you’re related to a specific person or match.


20 thoughts on “Introducing the ‘Shared Matches’ Feature | AncestryDNA

  1. carmar597 says:

    I've had my mom and dad tested but, the mom and dad buttons don't show up on my DNA page. How do I get these tools on my tree?Carla Martin

  2. Great update – I hope it's the sign of things to come!

  3. That's a great new tool.


  4. So, I've been at this for 5+ years now and I've built a massive tree. I was so excited that Ancestry caught up with everyone else and added the "shared matches" feature BUT highly frustrated at the fact they do not show 5th cousins as common matches that I know absolutely are related to myself and someone else. The 5th cousin matches section is by far the most exciting part because it's the most difficult. A feature I assumed would unlock more doors in my research turned out to be a complete TEASE.

    Please Ancestry, do not assume the skill level of your consumer base; do not hold back or filter RESULTS!

  5. Nancy R says:

    I also wish they would give us the option of alphabetizing the matches! Then we could see ALL matches we have in common and not just the close ones. I'm curious. It can't be that difficult to give that option. And, obviously, I don't understand it totally but how can 1 of my sons have cousin matches with me and my other 2 are not matches? And on one of my 2nd cousin matches, the youngest 2 sons are 3rd cousins but my oldest son is a 4-6th cousin? Confused!

  6. I think it's a great tool, but I have three "good" confidence 5th cousins where we all know our common connection and we know we're in each other's list, yet this tool will not work for us because of Ancestry's arbitrary limit. Why not just gives us all of the data and let us work with it? I hope you expand it to include all of one's matches. But it is a great improvement!

  7. You should give both Mother and Father buttons, even if only one parent has been tested. Obviously if you only have a mother tested, all the matches she doesn't share come from the father. Being able to browse those could be very useful.

  8. I’ve been using Family Tree Maker since before Ancestry.com. The program works good for paper records but not DNA. FTDNA works reasonably well but has limited full mtDNA and big-Y participants. GEDmatch.com is where results from different providers can be compared. 23&me is medically useful since they use a customized Illumina chip but you will have to have the results interpreted by a third party tool such as such as Promethease. So the real question is: Does the ancestry matching tool work well enough to be worth the money to repeat the DNA test?

  9. Can I upload my DNA results from 23and me into my Ancestry account? Or do I have to get another DNA test through Ancestry?

  10. For those of us with only one living parent, it would be nice to have the ability to screen those who match me but NOT my mother.

  11. NikkoYM says:

    Happy for the upgrade, and tried it today. However, it said I didn't have a family tree attached to my profile which isn't true… I have 4 public trees. (for the hints part of this shared matches feature)

  12. yminoh says:

    If my mom and dad haven't taken the test, can I mark people that I've identified as either connected to my mother and father?

  13. With only 25 very high confidence 4th cousin matches, this tool is worthless to me. I already know how they are connected to me since I have had my father tested. Ancestry, please extend this beyond 4th cousins. I am using a third party tool that does far more then what you have given us. I appreciate the effort, but I hope you do more with it soon.

  14. nlbremer says:

    I like these updates! I do have a question, however. What about matches that are not on either my mom or dad's match list? I have encountered this a few times and thought it was odd, but is there a way to see these "orphan" matches?

  15. I'm very excited about this! Thank you so much! The new In Common With is extremely helpful. It probably doubles the value of AncestryDNA. Next, PLEASE give us a chromosome browser or something similar like we should have by default. THAT would improve the value of AncestryDNA by at least TEN fold!

  16. This is a huge improvement. Thanks Ancestry.com DNA. Now we have an "In Common With" feature thru the Shared Matches and the Mom/Dad Filters!

  17. alejo cote says:

    por favor en Espñol !!! gracias.

  18. Jason Lee says:

    This is a good step forward for AncestryDNA but we still need a chromosome browser.

  19. Ancestry.com was late getting into the DNA game. So how can their longtime subscribers transfer DNA from other services?

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