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10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk DNA, Shall We?

  1. Get your brothers and dad tested to see whether their results are significantly different.

  2. I downloaded my AncestryDNA results to MyHeritage website. And I got 7% Scandinavia from AncestryDNA and 31% Scandinavia on myHeritage.

  3. very interesting results , whatever happened to the rest of this story , it grew cold , missing in action .

  4. You should have your brothers do the DNA test.

  5. Jackie B says:

    please ask your dad or brother to pass the test to kno more bout your puertorican side 🙂

  6. Oof says:

    stfu you’re white not mixed

  7. I had got my DNA test about 3 weeks ago and I was stunned and they told me that autosomal DNA testing came directly from both parents. So, I am glad you posted this video!

  8. gAQr7 says:

    Hey. You are so right. We do give our genetic info to these companies. But this is the chance that we take to get some answers about who we are. I'm sure they are filing  the info that they receive. Despite their claims to the contrary. Did you get an mtdna haplogroup assignment, BTW?

  9. Nicole says:

    Scotland was colonized by Vikings, Gaels and the English. I've noticed that many Scots are a blend of the three.

  10. I cannot get with the program on GEDmatch… it really is complicated and matches me to so many folks I don't even know if they're right! Hmmm.

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