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Lies Exposed! Adopted Mom’s Ancestry DNA Test Results

Lies Exposed! Adopted Mom’s Ancestry DNA Test Results


In this episode, I share my mother’s long-awaited Ancestry DNA test results and compare them to my own. If you been following this series, the results will shock you.

People lie, DNA tells the Truth!

UPDATE – I did this because I do not know my family. My mom is adopted. This isn’t a test to prove how white I am or whatever. to validate skin color. If you cannot relate or sympathize with a person trying to find their ancestors this video is not for you.

See an update here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHbteke4q28


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Lies Exposed! Mom’s Ancestry DNA Test Results

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49 thoughts on “Lies Exposed! Adopted Mom’s Ancestry DNA Test Results

  1. It's not Indian, it's "Native American". TWO DIFFERENT THINGS

  2. Lies exposed. Just be proud of the person you are becoming. None of us should stop growing. Remember, DNA results for twins aren't exactly the same. One person is always a little bit different from the other.

  3. Hang in there and keep looking

  4. I'd say it looks quite like she was indeed mixed. The "lie" as you put it probably lay in the identity of the white man in Louisiana. A lot of people think they are white and aren't, because People had to Pass. French Louisiana had defined people as Creole (francophone persons of European descent born in the c new world) Acadien (cajun explained from Nova Scotia to make way for English colonists, free blacks and freed slaves that had fought for the British during the American Revolution), African Creole (French/Creole speakers) and Créoles de Couleur (mulattres, gens de couleur), then of course there were the Nègres, English ans so on. When Napoleon needed money, having bankrupted France with his wars, he sold the Louisiana territory (From Louisiana and east Texas on up to Minnesota and the Dakotas, and parts of Wisconsin that were not already sold). That, of course was against the will of the people to be controlled by "the English". They had already refused allegiance to the Spanish Crown during Spanish control. But Napoleon didn't give a flying anything. He had declared himself emperor. ANYWAY the Americans didn't like the three tier racial society and the people of color many of whom formed the middle class had chose a race that fit into American sentiment. This people who were not really white had to choose between white and black (Amerindians were not considered). So all that was a long- winded way to say that the white man may have just thought he was white.
    There is a girl in SC that has a racist family had posted videos on here to reveal her results. Her family were all excited and asking if she had results, but she thought it would be funny to see how her family reacted by posting only the, I believe 8% African. "Crickets" they don't even talk about it any more.

    My grandmother, first born of her parents found when my great grandmother died at 86 years old that her father (a "Black", Cherokee and Irish man) was not indeed her father. My great grandmother had a "shot gun wedding". Thanks to Ancestry DNA last year, we found her first cousin in Austria, and a set of younger twin sisters in Mississippi one of whom doesn't want to meet my Grandma. And well we now know that it was a white man, likely a German/Austrian-American with a translated name as was often the case. In Mississippi, formerly part of Louosiana, like in most of the South outlawed mixed unions. So logically, to avoid suspicion when other children were born, I suppose, my Great grandmother's father found a light-skinned "Black" husband from out of state to replace her white local man.

    Many of the issues that we all have in terms of genetics are results of America's long history of racism, and the racist laws of the past that fed into the disease that racism breeds. But DNA and family trees show us that there are always people that break the rules. Though, I would say at certain times especially in America that it kind of created a amorously schizophrenic society.

  5. Don't assume any story. Find facts. Living your life based on assumptions could easily be living a lie and that is foolish.

    I have ancestors that are black and it was a mutual relationship. My half-black ancestor from that relationship lived in a rural pioneer town and was a well liked local personality.

  6. Very nice…i also had mines done too…. up until recently I found out through Google at ancestry or any other DNA companies can actually keep our DNA samples and give it to other sellers or something I called I told them 2 destroy my DNA they told me it can be done but no time phrase I still will follow up on that please make sure you have your discard…i dont trust them…why eles would you say you guys are keeping her samples somewhere safe for a reason for how long if you do not believe me Google that or call ancestry yourself and haven't discarded for the phone see what they tell you let me know what you find out

  7. Country or continent doesn't mean color!!! Ppl need to start study.

  8. Congratulations and good luck ! I have known white men and black ladies that were married and old back in the 60s , 70s , and 80s in TN (nobody thought a thing about it), plus there was a woman that was the daughter of a Dr back in the 30s and 40s that my grandmother knew of that was pregnant several times (she was white , and the child's father was black) and her mother gave the babies to others for adoption . I wonder if the children knew they were mixed . I didn't hear about the circumstances , but there has been every kind of situation throughout history that makes us who we are today .

  9. Take time to process what you have discovered but when you finish processing pt. 1, go for pt. 2 and be prepared for more surprises.

  10. You assume if he was white he was a bad man, but it is just as safe to assume your mom was turning trick to survive.

  11. The only dna u need to be concerned about is ur fathers bcos u are who ur dad is.num…1v18 and if he's not black,native or Hispanic it's slavery for u in the next kingdom,and if he or his dad was white then u can't repent bcos the white man can't repent…..esau is his name in the bible.

  12. So, are you only wanting a relationship with light skinned blacks? Just curious, no hate.

  13. Brian Mino says:

    I hope you find what you are looking for.

  14. Brian Mino says:

    As for many years ago white and black was NOT always forced more often than not it was willing. Many people do things in secret it is no surprise anywhere else in the world only in the USA and Palestine lol.

  15. evilbilla says:

    Of course your mom would have more your only half of your mother and half your father…why do ppl do these if they don't understand the results…unless your dad is full African and your mom is part you won't have more then her..common math

  16. We have the same middle name

  17. I believe the the government are taking our DNA who knows for what so not thank you

  18. I had to come back and watch all of your ancestry videos again!

  19. jlove766 says:

    I just got my results back today , and I’m Nigerian – I cried because I felt like who I thought I was – I’m not … it’s a lie!

  20. We could drive ourselves crazy wondering who was bad or good as to how we obtained the DNA within us. I found I had Mali among other ethnicity running through my body.I love it, no matter how it got here, it makes me who I am. I like to think the best of our ancestor made us. That's why the world will only improve.Try GEDmatch.com and upload your raw data.You will find more connections.Good luck to you.

  21. What's wrong with being Native American?

  22. I hope you keep learning the truth about your family, and be sure to tell us because I'm hooked into your story now.

  23. Melody says:

    A couple of yrs ago my husband's geneology revealed that his great,great grandparents changed their race designation from black to white from one census to the next !the redneck in laws get upset,but others are embracing it. I still love and appriciate my husband,we've been married for 47yrs.I think it's awesome !

  24. Melody says:

    New Orleans and south Louisiana are very blended,yes there is still some racist people,there will always be !

  25. Melody says:

    You are a beautiful woman,but the most important thing is you are a child of God,an American,and a member of the human race !

  26. Linux DOS says:

    A lot of wives used (cheated) sperm donors. The husbands just don't know it. Women / Wives could win an Academy Award for coning their husbands. True (Fatherhood) paternity meaning nothing to them. There is no guilt. If husbands only knew .. Wow! Those Ancestry-DNA and 23andMe kits has exposed some lies & deceit, but what husbands really need – Is a kit like this one. https://www.easy-dna.com/ Wake up guys – Far to many husbands have been had! Over 35% of supposed fathers have been deceived. Wives are being found out!


    It isn't right nor fair for a husband and children not to know the truth.
    Prenatal Paternity Determination Test – Listen closely – Get his DNA.

    Unfaithful wives opt for prenatal paternity tests … One area of one Country. Think about that!

    Wives are cheating and and having prenatal paternity tests – Just one area of one Country. Think about that!

    I just read where a husband found the morning after (Plan-B / RU-4-86?) in his wife's luggage and she tossed them out. She admitted to cheating in the past on her business trips. If you find them in your wife's luggage, don't throw them out. It is better then her coming home with a spurious baby on board and then deceiving you.

  27. When the sperm meets the egg, the combination of genes is random. So you can get more or less ''black'' dna from one or the other parent. Also, there is no such thing as just black in America. Almost every African-American has anywhere from 5 to 70 procent white dna, and some other add mixture. Only sub-saharan Africans are pure African.

  28. Native if its on the fathers side does not always come through on a female dnas

  29. I have been told not tested that i am english Irish French dutch apache and Cherokee. And that the cherokee was voluntary and the apache was not. Now thats i Guess native and European. But see i do not understand why people say all the different countries are their race. I'm just white and native. Now MY daughter is another story. From what her father told me he was black and native. So does that mean she could be more native ? People say her two sons are 1/4 black. But they could end up with any combination of the above. 1 has ice blue eyes like my mom and son. Any way all I'm saying is where your people come from is not your race. Like people will argue that jewish is a race. No it is not. A person can choose to be jewish. Its a religion. I can't choose to be Asian or Hispanic or black. ( and I'm not white either I'm not the color of paper or a cloud )just like this crap of chooseing your gender. Your born 1 of two. Nothing any one says can change that just cause they want to. you can change outer to match you illusion . but there is only two even if I'm bullied to say it. Don't care does not change it.

  30. Your mothers dad could have been biracial but light complected?

  31. Beck Star says:

    You should definitely upload your results to Gedmatch.com. They have more options there for determining your heritage plus you can compare your AncestryDNA to others that have tested from MyHeritage, 23andme, etc that have also uploaded to Gedmatch.com. You cannot solely use AncestryDNA to determine your ancestry because that is only one interpretation of the results. You probably know that already, but I wanted to post this here for others if they didn’t fully understand. I hope you post an update on your Gedmatch results. ❤️

  32. Yep! If you got white in you it musta been rape! ( is what they all say!)

  33. Since you are adopted, you did not any inherit any genes from her/your adopted father.

  34. KEL7000 says:

    first off beautiful just beautiful my Queen and also nice video….

  35. O.K. girl you white. We see that.

  36. The BLOOD or JESUS is my DNA.

  37. Rex Holes says:

    Theres white black all kinds of dna mixed up going back thousands of years, it doesnt matter as much as culture for how people are

  38. Girl I feel you my mom has a white dad and she literally has all the white features as a physician by dad but she would always say "I'm the last real n*gga". So gangsta, so Harlem. Lmao.

  39. Wow, Swiss German &Ivorian/Ghanian!!!! Awesome!

  40. I am related to some walkers and am from Louisiana I am not sure if it is the same walkers or not but if so then that side of your family is native american. my grandfather who's last name is Powell is half Cherokee Indian and half Irish. you are right as far as how things were in the past. from my understanding my great great grandfather who was Irish came to the united states fell in love with a full blooded Cherokee woman my great great grandmother and took her last name he chose to stay with her he knew he wouldn't be allowed to return home because of this. because during that time Irish people were very particular about not mixing races it wasn't allowed or they would be disowned so he gave up returning to Ireland gave up being with his family to be with her and start their own family. I am sure some of them abandoned their parental responsibility for fear of being disowned by their family.I also plan to do ancestry DNA because there are sides of my family that I am unsure of but that side I am because of what my grandpa has told me despite my mom being adopted my birth grandfather has always been a part of my life. I never met her adoptive dad who to my understanding were actually my great uncle and aunt. her adoptive aunt i was raised with her being my grandmother apparently my great uncle passed away and my grandfather who promised to care for her and her children married his wife. i have not met my real grandmother.your mom sounds like how the women in my family on that side are and you look a little like some of my family. I am not sure if you are related to me or not but you never know these days.

  41. She Opines says:

    I am 51% Hufflepuff and 49% Griffandor

  42. the gator says:


  43. You are very attractive, and have charisma.

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