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Linked genes and chromosome mapping

Linked genes and chromosome mapping

This is one of a series of videos on genetics. In this video, linked genes and chromosome mapping will be discussed and demonstrated.


17 thoughts on “Linked genes and chromosome mapping

  1. please tell me how 417,430,25,29 etc ratio of recombinants comes?

  2. Lexii M says:

    so helpful! thank you so so much:)

  3. Matt Z says:

    Not even 7 minutes summons up chromosome mapping in the clearest way possible. My professor made a video that's almost an hour long, it was helpful, but too long to watch for a straightforward concept. Thank you so much for your explanation, please keep making more videos about genetics, you're awesome.

  4. This helped so much. The TA for my genetics lab did a terrible job at explaining this.

  5. the distance between sc-vg should be 15.4 cm and not 13.5

  6. CT Quavo says:

    Good explanation i had you until the end when your showing how to map i couldnt understand jack squat

  7. Angel I don't know if this helps… but think of it light getting a flat tire on a trip. ¬†The longer your trip, the more likely this random event is going to happen.

  8. why if they are far apart the crossing over is more likely to occur and vice versa?

  9. Sunny Baek says:

    Wow, can you come to my university and teach me from the beginning xD so much easier to understand…

  10. Mir Ali says:

    Very straightforward explanations thats easy to follow. Thank You!!

  11. Such a good video! Really helpful. thanks 

  12. Amazing explanation! Thank you so much.

  13. Best video I have seen so far on this topic, thank you

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