Home DNA AncestorLornicopia I compared my DNA to a Clovis DNA sample. The results surprised even me!
Lornicopia I compared my DNA to a Clovis DNA sample. The results surprised even me!

Lornicopia I compared my DNA to a Clovis DNA sample. The results surprised even me!

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18 thoughts on “Lornicopia I compared my DNA to a Clovis DNA sample. The results surprised even me!

  1. nj1639 says:

    Thanks for sharing as it's helped with my understanding of the archaic search. Comparing your archaic results to mine has showed me differences where I thought it may have been a generic printout for everybody. Still needing to figure out the heat map at the bottom and its relevance.

  2. I really enjoyed listening to this and it helped me understand a little more to what I am looking at. I also have Clovis and Kennewick as well. Very interesting for sure.

  3. DETH1996 says:

    i need help like bad i don't understand

  4. but I don't see no African DNA know where up in here all I see is Siberia Russia Sweden hungry Brazil Kennewick

  5. I got the same in im a so-called African American from Chicago

  6. Hysteria says:

    This REALLY helped me. My Clovis line is super strong, but …. Ancestry DNA shows 0% American. Any reason for that?!

  7. I love the findings that show most white people have more other than they knew. Love it

  8. Thx for posting your explanations, Lorne.  While ancestry dna showed me as 100% nw European, I have a lot of the Ust-Ishim Siberia dna, Viking, Russian, and Clovis.  Seems to indicate that these peoples all originated from the same place (Russia/Asia).  The ancient ged matches are very similar to yours.

  9. Hi, Lorne – I checked our GED and we have no shared dna, however, I have a lot of matches (including green) with the clovis child.

  10. Zach S says:

    the WHITE RACE has been here in the America's long before the " mongols " …

  11. Sounds like the lumbees proving to be Native Americans but they are mulattoes. You can have Native American ancestors but it is not in your blood.

  12. Why not you and some sibling or aunt of yours take the regular DNA kits from National Geo, or Ancestry.com Dnas and see if you have any Native American in you.. Why try so hard to show that you are part native? And if you consider 5% to be Native American.. then you are wrong.. Now once you do these normal tests then you can post a video that shows the percentage… if they dont show up.. then you have your stories wrong and face the truth. 

  13. Dee Wilson says:

    thank you so much!!!

  14. You did blather a bit but it is interesting information.  I just signed up for GedMatch but have not yet done anything there.  The ancient DNA is particularly interesting as I had no idea so many bodies had been tested.  Thank you!

  15. Lornicopia says:

    http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v505/n7481/full/nature12736.html    This is an article that discusses the DNA of Proto Native Americans. The Clovis baby exhibits the genetics that would reinforce what this article is saying. Also it would explain why some of my European DNA also matches the baby. Undoubtably, some of my DNA that is really Native shows up as European. However when you show a match to the Baby, you can see that actually a considerable amount of my DNA is really being communicated from my Native roots.

  16. Lornicopia says:

    Here is a link to the Archaic DNA samples. It explains who they are how old they are etc. You can click on each one and it lets you see a description!http://www.y-str.org/p/ancient-dna.html

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