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Lornicopia,what do your 22 chromosomes look like when color coded?

Lornicopia,what do your 22 chromosomes look like when color coded?

I know I look white! Thank you captain obvious! The video shows Native American, African American, Viking, British Isles, Arabic, Mediterranean, Oceanean etc. that comprise parts of my 22 chromosomes. It Also shows how to use Gedmatch.com. You should try this ! It’s very cool to see it all broken down by color and by percentages!


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  1. You're not native you're white

  2. 20:44 "too absorb more DNA from the sun" ???

  3. That is the same eye they predicted for me and very close!

  4. PG III says:


  5. Jeremy T. says:

    excuse me lornicopia 😮 what is Ethiohelix on Gedmatch??? because theres a ethiohelix – japan (african only and france) and i have no idea..

  6. sharaesha says:

    I don't know if you've already seen this, but it's a documentary called "America's Stone Age Explorers" containing information on early native americans and mitochondrial DNA. You might find it interesting.

    Here's the link:

  7. Found this while searching DNA tests, your videos are very interesting and inspiring, I was thinking of buying ancestry.com advanced DNA kit, but after watching this Im wondering if I should do this one. It seems you have done a few of these dna tests, if you had to recommend one for a beginner who is looking to have a genetic breakdown of their ethnicity, which would you recommend 

  8. TMonarrez says:

    Just wondering, are you on Facebook?

  9. Dal Texas says:

    Thanks for this video. I was confused by gedmatch but have a better understanding now.

  10. Khusrav96 says:

    I look more like my mother, do you think I should take the mtDNA test rather than the Y-Chromosome test? Do you think FTDNA is the best, but how about 23andme, GenographicProject, DNA Tribes? 

  11. Lornicopia says:

    http://www.eupedia.com/europe/autosomal_maps_dodecad.shtml       Some maps showing various admixtures mentioned in this video as distributed throughout Europe.

  12. Nice to see you again!  Glad to see you are still interested in this.  We will not lose touch. Taking my Insurance Exam again tomorrow.  We will catch up soon!

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