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Maurice Gleeson – Autosomal DNA: how to use it in practice

Maurice Gleeson – Autosomal DNA: how to use it in practice

This talk will focus almost exclusively on autosomal DNA and how to use it to find long lost cousins. I’ve used it in my own family tree to find second cousins of my father’s who live in Australia. We wouldn’t have been able to establish this link without the DNA test. I’ll also be explaining a step-by-step approach to assessing your matches on the autosomal DNA test and how to narrow down the number of potential candidates for the common ancestor that you share with each match.

Dr Maurice Gleeson MB MRCPsych – Maurice is a psychiatrist, a pharmaceutical physician, & a genetic genealogist. He did his first DNA test in 2008 and since then has used DNA to good effect in his own family tree research, finding relatives in Australia whose ancestors had left Ireland in 1886, and tracing one line of his family back to the 1600’s in Limerick. He is now Project Administrator for the Spearin, Farrell, and Gleason Surname Projects and runs several special interest projects, including the iCARA project, which aims to help people with Caribbean ancestry and Irish surnames find their ancestral homelands and even distant cousins living today. Maurice organises Genetic Genealogy Ireland and speaks about DNA and genealogy at international and national meetings.

This lecture was presented at Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2015 (Thurs 16th to Sat 18th April 2015, Birmingham, UK). Please note that these videos are copyrighted to the presenter and should only be used for personal study. They are not to be used for any other purpose without the presenters express permission. Also, please note that because this is a rapidly advancing field, the content may quickly become outdated.

The lectures were sponsored by FamilyTreeDNA (at www.ftdna.com) and organised by Maurice Gleeson & Debbie Kennett on behalf of ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogy at www.isogg.org).


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  1. Hi Maurice, you mentioned groups that intermarry, one of these you talked about were Jehovahs Witnesses, please could you explain where you have personally come across such cases and also is there any documented evidence of this being the case in general. I would be interested to know. Thank you. S

  2. This is the very best youtube video I have seen so far on understanding your Autosomal DNA information. It is shock full of important data in a wonderful, easy to understand way. Thank you, Maurice Gleeson for making it!

  3. I've dealt with DNA for a couple years now but your explanation had taught me many things plus new tricks.

  4. Thanx a mil for sharing!

  5. Thank goodness, something I can wrap my brain around! Finally!

  6. …..dommage pour moi car ceci est incompr√©hensible !

  7. This is a superb presentation. Very well explained and fills in numerous gaps needed to fully understand Autosomal DNA. It can be daunting, but with more presentations like this, its manageable. Thank you!

  8. Bobby G says:

    Finally found a good explanation, thankyou.

  9. Kim Holman says:

    Your videos are great!! Thanks for making them.

  10. Awesome. Thanks very much.

  11. Wow! I really need to sit down and learn to do each of these processes step-by-step. Thank you for all the information.

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