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Melungeon History Pt. 1

Melungeon History Pt. 1

Speech by Wayne Winkler, president of the Melungeon Historical Society, at the MHS Melungeon History and DNA Conference, held on June 12, 2009 in Rogersville, TN.

The audio and video is a bit shaky at first, but improves.


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  1. Meluncan .İf you look at the Turkey yo can see MELUNGEONS every where. They are ottoman navy marines.

  2. song at beginning name?

  3. ANY ONE WHO CAN'T HANDLE  camera better than that should stick to takin out th trash !

  4. dan bisson says:


  5. "Category 4

    Information about Indian ancestry of individuals in this category of Cherokees is more difficult to locate. This is primarily because the federal government has never maintained a list of all the persons of Cherokee Indian descent, indicating their tribal affiliation, degree of Indian blood or other data.
    " Department of the interior (BIA).

  6. The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 (P.L. 101-644) Under the Act, an Indian is defined as a member of any federally or State recognized Indian Tribe. There is about 12 or 13 state recognized Cherokee groups beside the 3 federal ones.

  7. Actually it has always been only a handful, after the outdoor drama (which was created by the same man who created eastern band of cherokee's outdoor drama unto these hills)….which was called into the sunset about a melungeon….only after that play did everyone go to it and go home trying to self claim their own self to be melungeon. People used to come to the play and start whispering…pssst psst my grandma was a collins she must be a melungeon…etc etc…..

  8. Actually the first recorded use of the word was in Arkansas for people that was from Hawkins county, Tenn. 🙂

  9. They never got rejected from the Guion miller rolls.

  10. You have already been given everything with references and source which you can find in any library or national archives building. This stuff is also available on government websites.

  11. We also find a Henry Collins (named a servant from "Portugal") in the Saponi Villages in North Carolina. He was a servant of Thomas Wood. You'll find this in…The Expedition of Batts and Fallam:
    A Journey from Virginia to beyond the Appalachian Mountains, September, 1671.
    From Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769-1800.

  12. The Collins family also saved numerous Saponi indians and lead them back to Orange county, Va after they was captured by Northern tribes and taken into Canada. This is in the Virginia court records of the 1700's and involved Spotswood.

  13. The Maryland Piscataway's are collins,Tecumseh's brother in law was a collins, Harold collins (world's strongest native american) is a collins, Pamunkey reservation has Collins, Federal Catawba's have Collins, Mattamuskeet reservation had Collins (Cati Collins), and the list goes on and on..these people claim native thru their Collins line…and all from Virginia and North Carolina in 1700's.

  14. Yeah, there never was a DNA test for Solomon. Also there was a very small amount of women tested…only about 4 in the media report. Sizemore and Freeman came back as Q1a3a also.

  15. Look thru the BIA's Federal recognition hearing for Central band of Cherokee…the Central band tried to use the Melungeons as a means to get their federal recognition…but the BIA stated the central band could not show descent from the Melungeon people, then the BIA gives alil more details on the Melungeon people. If the Central band of Cherokee could have showed descent from Melungeons then the BIA was going to give them Federal Recognition because the Melungeons do follow all 7 criterias.

  16. Flip thru the Berea college photos… there is a collection of photos there which are listed as "Melungeon" but is really Eastern band of Cherokee and Lumbee. That is just one of the examples.

  17. The Whig Party used the word alot in the mid 1800s…most of the time it was a slur against opposing politicians

  18. One thing that should be considered is that the Core Melungeon DNA Project results reflected DNA from the people who contributed to the project….there are MANY families and individuals who dont have descendants who've had their DNA tested, including male DNA descendants of Solomon D Collins. And also, the results only reflect ONE line of descent. So NA blood could possibly (and in ALL PROBABILITY) in the female lines, or lines that aren't apparent.

  19. When were the Melungeons designated as NA? Im not taking sides with anybody here, just interested in this, as I'm unaware of it.Thanks

  20. Ive never heard that the Eastern band was called called "Melungeon", where did you learn this?

  21. The Arkansas reference wasnt a documented use, but was refered to by someone at a much later date. If someone used the term early on in Arkansas, that means that the word was around before that, and that person picked up the word from others, so this reference wouldnt be counted as early documentation. But it is useful in suggesting that it was already a well-known term by then.

  22. The show that did Snoop dogg's DNA…the white looking people ALL had more native DNA than snoop dog.

  23. The BIA stated clearly in the Central band of Cherokee's federal recognition hearing that the Melungeons ARE a Native American community.

  24. Mary Collins and Nathaniel Bunch did not match DNA with Melungeons…those collins and Bunch family came from the NC coast, those Collins and Bunches was among the largest slave owners in the south…DNA proved them to not be the same family. Cati Collins of Granville, NC was found in Hyde county, NC court records as a "INDIAN" Slave.

  25. The BIA is now ran by the Federal tribes….Larry Echohawk now runs it, it was also ran by the Cherokee nation of Oaklahoma's chief Ross swimmer (who founded the Cherokee nation of Oaklahoma).

  26. The Richardson, Valentine, Strickland, Cummings, etc familes have never been called Melungeon. In fact the Rachardsons never even claimed to be indian until 1965.

  27. No, the first use of Melungeon was in Arkansas refering to the Tennessee Melungeons. In fact Lumbee was the last group to be reffered to as Melungeon and that was based on the Collins family.

  28. There is numerous federal tribes who only have 150 members. In fact the tribe who runs Foxwood casino (largest casino in in the world) has less than 300 members.

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