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Melungeon Voices

Melungeon Voices

Trailer from the documentary “Melungeon Voices” featuring “Sweet Rain” by Euphoria written by (EMI MP writer) Ken Ramm.

Melungeon Voices
Writer, Director, Producer – Julie Williams Dixon
Co-Director/DP – Warren Gentry
with : Dr. Brent Kennedy and other leading Melungeon researchers


35 thoughts on “Melungeon Voices

  1. Shirley says:


    The original Melungeon community began among the Angolans arriving in Virginia in the early 1600s. These Africans called themselves malungu from 1620 through 1700 when the first generations of Kimbundu-speaking Angolan arrivals in Virginia were still alive. By the 1660s, the exclusive Angolan malungu community had begun extending to include the mixed descendants of whites and Indians who were intermarrying into their families.

  2. PharaohII says:

    @lovingit1000 THANK YOU!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE GOING AS FAR AS SAYING THEY ARE TURKISH!!! Has white society created it that bad to be BLACK!!

  3. Does the fact that I am of mixed Cherokee black and white make me one?

  4. LucidDream says:

    I live in Tennessee and not too far from Campbell county. There are groups of Melungeons that live out here.

  5. Hoca pasa says:

    Melnuncan =Melungeon = inoccent souls = losing souls defenetly are turks
    mostley from the area of six finger mountains this peopel how living there sure name sixfingers and he have also nort american native indians have tribes to siberia and the hungary languges verry similar ! cherokee sound like turkey
    also names karasahin =black falcon (hawk) ore before this name was kara sahin ogullari = the sons of black falcons (hawks) greets all love peace and respect to all MELUNGEONS *T.C.*

  6. meluncan its turkish pronancation its turkish word 🙂 it means lost soul

  7. I am Turk and they are Turk. They were taken prisoner by the Portuguese in Battle of Lepanto (İnehbahtı Deniz Savaşı). God bless you my brothers&sisters from a TURK… You should find Brent Kennedy.

  8. Abraham Lincoln is a example of a Melungeon!

  9. PharaohII says:


  10. Melungeons are Portuguese. Be proud that you are related to a country that ruled the seven seas.

  11. They say Melungeons are from East Tennessee. My great great grandpa is from Tennessee but we don't know his place of birth! It's possible I might be Melungeon! Who knows!

  12. I've read that Melungeons are Mediterranean, Black and Native American. I am not one, although on my Italian father's side of the family there might be Spanish or Greek origins. So that probably accounts for my interest in Melungeons.

  13. The man that said something about his great great grandpa might have been up and down the east coast is my pastor!! 🙂 Good man!!

  14. Dafuk G says:

    Melugneons are and feel themselves as turks!!

  15. Why are you so wanting to discount what the Melungeons are learning of themselves? Does it go against the WASP histories? Against the established histories which aren't always accurate. Why are you against the Melungeon People? The WASP are not the only Children of God…we all are…everyone from every race and ethnic background. What are your feelings against the Melungeons? Race? Religion? WASP/American histories? I am not asking these things in a smartalec way? Just honestly asking?

  16. The term "Your Kind" is maybe a bit smart assed of me, but understand, there have been so much discrimination against Melungeons by the WASP majority that it amounts to hateful hate. And no on the episode of The Heartland Series, done alot of reading and searching. Can you prove that the Melungeons came from the coastal areas? Can you prove that they HAVEN"T been here for this period? Is there evidence proving that the Elizabethan speakers weren't Melungeons?

  17. How are they "distantly" related? There are old mines in The Smokies that date to 350 years old and are of European engineering. No, not the Swift Mines. There are many various forms of testing that have been conducted on Melungeons, especially those connecting diseases that originate in the Med. Sea area. And why so hateful towards those with Melungeon backgrounds and names? While the desire to disprove them? Are we trying to disprove your WASP background?

  18. Many WASP Mythologist are afraid of Catholic Christianity's presence here before the arrivial of the English. The Spanish did establish forts and settlements into Southern Appalachia. Melungeons are descended from the varuious ethnic groups within these settlements, the various Span/Port Christian Clans, the Sephardic Jews, the Moors, the Basques and the Arabs…these groups were within the SpanPort expeditions and settlers.

  19. Everything American is WASP to your kind. Melungeons are descended from Spanish/Portuguese settlements throughout the southeast. The name Collins is Anglicized from Colinas and Mullins from Molinas. What of the stories of the Anglos and Ulster Irish coming across Christians with dark features and speaking Elizabethan English? What of the accounts of White Indians mining in The Smokies? What of the geneitcs that point to the Mediterranean Region?

  20. I heard , they where turks, who came as servants of the british….

  21. Lots of Irvin/Irwin/Erwins was in rutherford, NC in the 1700's.

    Have to remember Erwin/Irwin was the name of Native American Saponi who was living on the Saponi reservation in the early 1700's also.

  22. the VA and NC Native communities had started being converted to Christianity in the 1600's thru the Brafferton boarding school in virginia.
    The Siouan religion was in many ways already close to the Christian religion…even the description of heaven was kind of close. So the conversion was not entirely that hard to make….however the tribe in NC-VA believed in sacrafices which was a major difference..that practice was brought to NV and VA from Cahokia and the Mayans of Central Mexico.

  23. I'm from the Collins of Granville,NC mid
    1700's…My Collins also was trvaeling to Hyde couty, nc and to broad river sc.

    I'm also probally descended from the Gibsons thru the Brock family of Granville, NC.

    My family have been in the Paulding county, GA areas since the 1830's with the Bass, Collins, Jeffries, Paynes, etc.

  24. I'm trying to think of which reservation would have been in that area….I know the Pamunkey and Mattaponi had reservations more east. I've found references to a Saponi reservation in Hillsboro nc…but I have not been able to find records of a reservation in hillsboro…but that would have been close to franklin virginia. I've been told there was a Saponi reservation in hillsboro nc in the 1700's though…..I've been searching for actual records though.

  25. My family has been in Georgia mostly since the GA land lottery. migrated mostly from the NC Coast. My Collins was going from Granville, Hyde county, in NC to Broad river in SC to Rutherford nc. My Susanna was all over the place lol…sometimes she was listed white and sometimes free person of color.

  26. There is some stuff online of the Whiteheads…I forget exactly the full stuff on the whitehead family…but interesting stuff for the whiteheads.

    Descendants today look all colors of the rainbow.

    Franklin county, Va was a Monacan nation territory….aka Siouan speakers…the Monacan and Manahoac merged to become known as the Saponi nation.

  27. Georgia had a community of Jews that was living down around Savannah in the early to mid 1700's.

  28. There is some stuff on Cornblossom I think with a "Black dutch" family……..Now there was red headed white people in North and Central America long before columbus ever came here. Research the Paiute…they have the red head story…also check out the mummies in Peru.

  29. 1damnnut says:

    i have i long line of melungeon herritage, my family came from n-e tn and e-ky
    mountains,my mother's family the troxells have a cornblossom story on the web,they were irish and native american,red head indians, when the spanish came here the reported red headed indains not muslims, or turks,

  30. Well…if you can trace them back to the Louisa and orange county of VA…then I can show you them originateing from Hyde county, nc.

  31. welchce says:

    Hey i know that lineage…we are related!

  32. We are currently enrolling at the Manahoac Saponi Nation.

    Main enrollees are descended from the Collins, Erwin, Irwin, Harrison, Griffin, Austin, and of course bollins.

  33. Yes….I've been able to trace the Collins ancestors to the early 1600's being in the Orange county Va area thru Mary Cave. I'm waiting to see this full film though and see where this one takes the whole thing. They have worked on this film several years.

  34. Can you tell me where I can get this film?

  35. Thanks for posting and keep researching.

    Thomas Goins

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