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Mondays with Myrt – 7 July 2014

Mondays with Myrt – 7 July 2014

This is the #TimeStamped version of Mondays with Myrt for 30 June 2014. Remember that you can click on the TimeStamp and you will be taken to that portion of the Show. We will include links to any websites discussed during the show.

00:00 DearMYRLTE welcomes all
00:45 Cousin Russ shows picture of Granddaughters at a cemetery with their 12th Great Grandfather and Bill West’s ancestors. Patti and Bill are cousins, as is Randy
02:40 DearMYRTLE on “Big Mable”
04:00 Dave is related as well
04:55 Welcome Bruce
05:07 Jim is going to be the Indexing challenging 20 and 21 July

3-2-1-Cite July Challenge

09:40 Dave talked about NARA uploading their collection to Wikipedia

conversation about the impact commercial websites vs the Free Wikipedia website

13:40 Randy and Pennsylvania Vital Records

Randy’s Blog on PA Vital Records

16:28 Hilary and John talk about death records in the UK and Scotland
(John’s references are in the Comments below the Video)

20:31 Tony’s comments from the Community about UK records
22:04 Comments from community on PA Records
23:11 Pat’s experiences with the PA Records
25:09 DearMYRTLE – Smartphone APP Experience
27:15 Russ can’t find the Find-A-Grave for the Droid
29:30 Dave talks about changing of Web Hosts
36:35 Robin Foster’s Work on cleaning up of a Cemetery
46:02 Laurie talks about her cemetery experience
51:30 Short discussion about Find-A-Grave
53:50 Russ talks about a Hangout Experience
56:10 Comments from the community RE Copyright issues on Find-A-Grave
58:08 Hilary talks about WikiChicks

Hilary Gadsby

Randy Seaver
You can see WikiChicks at RootsTech in

1:02:28 Scramble
1:03:30 DearMYRTLE talks about QuickSheets
1:06:10 Carmen talks about a Civil War ancestor
1:09:13 Myrt talks about DNA


1:18:20 Randy talks about his DNA experience

GEDMATCH Tools for DNA and Genealogy Research :

John Laws

John Laws

1:29:15 Welcome Fr Ivan
1:33:15 On Vacation for the rest of the week
1:34:00 That’s a wrap

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