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11 thoughts on “My 23andme Ancestry Compositio​n

  1. Dudeluv212 says:

    woaw, you have ashkenazi and east asian ancestry!

  2. El Matador says:

    Looks like you are almost 1/5 white and a little over 4/5 black with a splash of East Asian, which could possibly be Native American instead. This is a very common ancestry combination for African Americans. 

  3. I'm going to post that soon.

  4. What are your haplogroups?

  5. Who cares if it's a sigNIFICANT percentage or not? More likely than not, nobody but you. Shut the hell up. Doesn't matter

  6. That's my real name.

  7. nthnpark0 says:

    I like seeing AA results. But you do know that more likely than not the very minute "East Asian/Native American" is probably not significant?

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