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  1. someone fire up the ovens.

  2. LjFJDhs says:

    The "NorthAfrica" component in some Spaniards is FROM THE NEOLITHIC. It has nothing to do with Al-Andalus (because it peaks in Gallegos from the north) and it is pure caucasoid also (north-african 5000 years ago were 100% caucasoid). In fact, in neolithic times there were people from "Spain" that went to NorthAfrica and left their genes there. Now those genes are considered as "NorthAfrican" and that is why there are Spaniards with common ancestry with them. It does not mean mixing or "islam". They are the same genes from the Neolithic.

    It is not like NorthEuropeans with Asian-Uralid admixture, which it is Asian proper. In this case, it is pure caucasoid and probably a "Spanish" component from the Neolithic. In fact, many northafricans have "Iberian" in their DNA test, in much higher %, which means there was a trasvase of DNA from Iberia to North of Africa in ancient times.

    It analyses the DNA of 14 ancient individuals from Portugal distributed from the Middle Neolithic (4200-3500 BC) to the Middle Bronze Age (1740-1430 BC). All of them have North African components, bringing down the theory that this component is present in Iberia because of the Moors. It is ancient instead.

    In fact, Neolithic pottery in North Africa strongly resembles that of European cultures like Cardial and Andalusian Early Neolithic, the southern-most early farmer culture from Iberia. Here, we present the first analysis of individuals' genome sequences from early and late Neolithic sites in Morocco, as well as Andalusian Early Neolithic individuals. We show that Early Neolithic Moroccans are distinct from any other reported ancient individuals and possess an endemic element retained in present-day Maghrebi populations, indicating long-term genetic continuity in the region. Among ancient populations, early Neolithic Moroccans share affinities with Levantine Natufian hunter-gatherers (~9,000 BCE) and Pre-Pottery Neolithic farmers (~6,500 BCE). Late Neolithic (~3,000 BCE) Moroccan remains, in comparison, share an Iberian component of a prominent European-wide demic expansion, supporting theories of trans-Gibraltar gene flow. Finally, the Andalusian Early Neolithic samples share the same genetic composition as the Cardial Mediterranean Neolithic culture that reached Iberia ~5,500 BCE. The cultural and genetic similarities of the Iberian Neolithic cultures with that of North African Neolithic sites further reinforce the model of an Iberian intrusion into the Maghreb.

  3. mindful says:

    Beautiful SPANISH dna! WOW ?

  4. E Cooper says:

    Pff yo no sé ni como es posible pero soy española de toda la vida y me ha salido solo 34% iberian. Mis abuelos y bisabuelos todos eran españoles, así que a saber…

  5. Txibia M says:

    tengo curiosidad sobre esto, ¿cuánto dinero cuesta?

  6. Wow! You really are a Spanish person!

  7. Hola Ana. Gracias por compartir los resultados!
    ¿has probado a subir los resultados a gedmatch? Cambia a veces.
    Aquí los míos de Myheritage :
    49 % ibérico
    9 % sardo
    28 % british irish
    2 % finlandés
    11 % africa del norte.
    En gedmatch me quita todo el porcentaje norteafricano y me añade un 5 por cien asia suroeste, oriente próximo . También me añade europa del este y noreuropa. Más o menos en un porcentaje 60 por cien norteatlántico+centro+ este europeo+islas brit y luego un 40 por cien mediterraneo con una pizca de cáucaso (supongo que aquí está metido todo el dna que se comparte entre todas las costas N y Sur del mediterráneo). Soy del norte de España (Valladolid – Gallego)
     Es muy interesante. Saludos!

  8. Que chulo eres hispanovisigoda!!!

  9. Stgfre says:

    Es mentira it is a lie.

  10. olg06 says:

    i recomend u put Spanish on the title, it will get more views cause it was hard to find your vdo

  11. i´m from Andalucia, my results (from company MyHeritage) are: 59,9 % Iberian; 19,8 % british/Irish; 7,5 % North Africa; 6,6 % Ashkanazi Jew; 5,2 % Sardinan and last but no least 1 % Nigeria

  12. jjgnbf says:

    Es un gran vídeo porque muestras los resultados y no estás diciendo tonterías como he visto en tantos vídeos sobre resultados.
    Yo también envíe mi muestra y estoy a la espera de resultados.
    ¿ Cuánto tardaron en enviarte los resultados ?

  13. Muchas gracias por compartir tus resultados. Soy de Estados Unidos pero tengo 0.1% Iberian en mis resultados. Jaja es una cantidad muy pequeña pero estaba contento con ese. 🙂 gran video.

  14. rafa_vela5 says:

    Resultados interesantes! De que parte de España si me permite preguntar?

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