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My 23andme DNA RESULTS 2017

My 23andme DNA RESULTS 2017

I finally got my DNA Results from 23andme

My 23andme Results
89.7% Sub-Saharan African
8.1% European
1.0% East Asian & Native American
0.3% Middle Eastern & North African
0.2% South Asian
0.6% Unassigned


26 thoughts on “My 23andme DNA RESULTS 2017

  1. Milly Baby says:

    Lool I'm mad I even watched this.!???

  2. I’m 63% African and 34 European. I’m a black man and proud of it!

  3. hh ter says:

    No sis. I’m lighter than you, light brown eyes and Mongolia’s. I’m 100% South African

  4. U have to add the African regions to get a total

  5. Jelly Bean says:

    I’m darker than you are but have less African in me. More European and Native American, East Asian

  6. You seem so proud to be part European.

  7. Girl u are way lighter than me and have over 10 percent more African in u than I do lol. Africans on the Continent can have light eyes or light skin everyone isnt charcoal with dark brown eyes. U are pretty and look that way not because of European mixture

  8. Born and raised in Burundi ,Central Africa. 72% Subsaharan African. Much darker than you. You are more subsaharan african than me.

  9. So basically you're black. ? The self hate is real!

  10. Marc E says:

    she is actually higher than the average african american.

  11. Shiva G says:

    Before I get your results I'm going to guess 75% or more African…… okay, now that I learned the results you're even more African than I guessed. Features predict better than skin color, and your features and facial structure are clearly sub-Saharan African. You have the map of Africa written all over your face.

  12. I dont care what you are sweetie ! with those ta ta's jumpn up and down!! You bad as hell !!! fuckin fox

  13. self hating bitch…….wishing she wasn't black

  14. You are so funny!

  15. your self hate is killing your brain cells

  16. I can make an educated guess before watching this video that you are between 80%-90% African with the majority being Western African. This is due to histocial context. Most African Americans also have a smaller portion of British/Irish blood which is interesting because the British enslaved the Irish so….how to determine what is what is hard because British & irish are lumped together in 23andme results.

  17. SHE IS FUNNY. HA HA almost 100% You are more African then some actual African citizens.

  18. I wish I had your African results; they are lovely. Yes, congratulations results and nice video Sis!✊

  19. Whoa! My guess was completely off. Nevertheless, Congratulations on your results!???

  20. I know I'm not suppose to judge a book by the cover, but I also thought you had less African and more European. I thougt you'd be in the 70 range of African decent and the rest being European, Asia, and Native American. Well we've been proved wrong. In spite that fact, 11 percent European is still a lot compared to a perfect pure blood. Anyways, You still have a great combination of results Beautiful Queen! Congratulations! ???

  21. wattdj says:

    Beautiful Results African Queen! You should upload your results into DNA Land just to get another out look on it. I prefer Ancestrydna than 23andMe. Please take dislikes and comments off this video. People can be so immature. smh….

  22. If I were you, I would take dislikes off as well as comments for this video. You do not deserve any of those negative comments. I quite enjoyed your video. Congratulations on your wonderful combination of results!??????✊

  23. its fascinating that African American people are all really interracial… I bet most white Americans from the south have African DNA

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