Home DNA AncestorMy Ancestry.com DNA Kit Results Are In!!! (Part 3)
My Ancestry.com DNA Kit Results Are In!!! (Part 3)

My Ancestry.com DNA Kit Results Are In!!! (Part 3)


I just received my Ancestry.com DNA Results and I have to say I am really surprised by the outcome.

My ethnic makeup includes, West African, West European including a large percentage of Scandinavian, Central Asian and Middle Eastern with less than 1% percentages of Native American and Asian. The DNA matches and DNA circles also reveal a surprise!

Check out video for the actual percentages and my reaction to the news.

PS – Thank you to all that answered my questions and shared in my delight!

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29 thoughts on “My Ancestry.com DNA Kit Results Are In!!! (Part 3)

  1. Aww your son is so cute how adorable

  2. I have over 500 DNA matches and I have a few white people who are related to me lol so I'm mixed

  3. We knew that we were Native American and African but didn’t know anything else.

  4. I had my dna done 1and 1/2 years ago. I did 23 and me and ancestry. Com. At that time I was 48%Ghana, 38% Native American (Cherokee Nation), 6% Iberian Peninsula and 5% German. Now I got an update yesterday and it said 42% Ghana, 38% Native American (Cherokee Nation), 6% Iberian Peninsula, 5%German and 6% Melanesia. 5% unassigned. I looked up Melanesian people. They are stunning. Beautiful all over. I am so proud.

  5. soso says:

    I am middle eastern welcome to our world

  6. soso says:

    I am doing my DNA test the same feeling

  7. That makes sense, you are Hebrew Isrealite! A Biblical Hebrew Isrealite!

  8. Lyricus X says:

    You are Jewish that equals Team Israel.

  9. Happy Ness says:

    Seems to me that everyone is from gana,camaroon ivory coast west Europe… What a lot of lies.. we are all from the Human race.. how do they really come up with those results? Scam! This might be good to find a lost relative, but not to tell me who the hell I am. According to the Bible I'm Hebrew. I have not heard that pop up on anyone's DNA results. Never!!!!

  10. Lol…girl I laughed too when I saw 'Scandinavian ' on my AncestryDNA results.
    I had to digest my results too.
    I saw some white cousins as well on my list but wasn't surprised.
    I have a lot of cousins on my Ancestry dna match list. Genealogy is so amazing and unpredictable !!!
    Ck out Gedmatch.com
    Thank you for sharing!

  11. If you have less than 1% native american that just means that your 5th to 6th grandparent was full blood native american. So by the time you were born you only got less than 1% of it from your ancestors. The more generations the less the dna is…..

  12. lol i though you were like 60% African 25%Asian 10%European and 5%Native.. or something lik that… xD

  13. It's not Russia. It's Finland/Northwest Russia, which means Finno-Ugric folks mostly Finns. Russians are in group of "East Europeans", Slavs.

  14. I think they purposefully make sure that Native American DNA is at a very low amount because so many have enough to start claiming $$ from the casinos!
    there is a guy on YT who is nearly half Native American by his dad he was a half breed at least 45% native and also had and showed us proof of being Native American but after he did Ancestry.com ( as a gift from a sibling)DNA results said the he was only 7% Native American.
    imagine that!

  15. finally someone actually Native American!!!

  16. perliva says:

    This is great!

    For years and years black people be like: “We’re all one family. All from Africa, all related, let’s share be happy, no hate …” etc. etc.

    Reality sets in and shows they are actually related to a bunch of white people (yuck!) and they are like: “So weird, I don’t know, I don’t know what to think of this, I don’t know. So weird. I don’t know if I’m ready #sadface


    But i think it’s fair to say that we all share the boobie obsession.

  17. My sisters name is Cecily

  18. You look like a half Asian and half black

  19. Glad your native roots popped up I'm happy for you. I consider you a native sister and also the DNA testing isn't 100% accurate so you may be more native than it shows. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Various white ethnic groups were indentured slaves or poor farm workers, perhaps the mixing was love on the part of two people who loved each other. Please don’t call it rape unless you have specific facts. Remember you are talking about your great grands etc. By the way I am black.

  21. I think many black Americans would rather claim Native American heritage than admit their great great grandmothers were raped by slave owners. It certainly wasn’t an easy thing for them to live with then, being ostracized by both groups of people so this probably made things easier for them.

  22. Came across your video in my recommendations today. I feel you got some pretty cool results, but I can tell you weren't happy with the European results. :- ) I think it was awesome how Ancestry.com picked up on your brother being a close relative.

  23. A lot of blacks lied about having native American, they were actually part white. it's sad that so many of these dna videos with black people involve them being upset about being part white. Regarding racism in America, maybe you're part of the problem. Also when your lighter than a tanned white person, you should have known that you're part white or something other than black.

  24. mkcharland says:

    Awesome about 2nd cousins. Mine only has 3rd 🙁

  25. None of us are 100% anything. Be proud of who you are. You are unique!

  26. Its DNA my dear…its been spread everywhere. Same with everyone. lol

  27. somebody has fibbed to you Darling

  28. girl thats so interesting to me.. lol

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