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My Ancestry DNA Results

My Ancestry DNA Results

My www.ancestry.com DNA results are here! Follow My journey on social media:

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20 thoughts on “My Ancestry DNA Results

  1. my white friends they tell me all about their families German and French and English and Spanish and Italian and I wanted to tell them about my heritage too and now I can lol yay!!! I'm mixed

  2. naenae says:

    I really think the US government should cover the cost of these!

  3. You are my sister I don't wanna tell the country here due to my involvement of telling the truth.

  4. R yusuf says:

    Go to Kenya princess is better then Tz

  5. Please, you must open the comment link for your video on things you don't vibe w/ in Tanzania. Good contributions were on its way. You are 100% African Senegalese.

  6. please.. try remember… that terrorism happened in Caribbean and latin.. america too… multitudes of many…millions of spanish speaking people are also.. AFRICAN ancestry… …. more… of our ancestors.. came to the Caribbean and latin.. centro. american.MEXICO. than they did.. to the states……………be blessed

  7. wil wil says:

    Look into the 12 tribes of Israel sis,

  8. wil wil says:

    May the MOST HIGH AHAYAH bless you in the name of Yashaya !

  9. It is disturbing that she refers to herself as American when clearly she is African descent just raised in a europeon culture,thats why when she is around the other Tanzanians they think she is one of them.

  10. That's cool. I have never done my ancestry DNA, but I'm mostly Eastern European Jewish and Slavic. We have some similarities in our genetics there.

  11. AWA says:

    Wowza! "African Queen!" Embrace your 7 % European Jewish DNA and Tour Jerusalem (Praise God) Jesus Christ the King of Jews.

  12. kaydenpat says:

    Interesting. You almost tempt me to get my DNA breakdown.

  13. I'm 85% African my highest region is 29% Congo

  14. Louis Lark says:

    Phenomenal informative video.

  15. M M says:

    This should be a 44 second video. Talking too much saying too little.

  16. Ana Mira says:

    Ehm… Native Americans weren't slave masters.

  17. I can't pinpoint all of my trace elements are 84% African and 13% is from Nigeria, 13% is European, 1% West asian. I do have the percentages from each one but not in front of me ,I used ancestry.com but want to use 2 other companies to see if my results to see if the results are the same. Looking at my family history and the migration of mankind, from the beginning of time I can see how we black African Americans came to be mixed. I enjoy researching and even if the results aren't accurate it's still fun. I know that on my dad's mom's side, my gr8 gr8 grandmother was taken by slavers from Madagascar and brought to America, her slave master Ann's one of his relatives impregnated her and she had 2 sons as a result one of which was my gr8 grandfather. I also have the info on my dad's fathers side but it's too much to type her but I'll say that my surname is either from Scotland, Ireland or Britain and the first person with our name came from Lancashire, England, now I need a male 1st cousin to take the DNA test which shows the male lineage so that I can break through the brick wall and possibly learn what plantation my gr8 gr8 grandfather may have come from and if he had siblings.

  18. I love these DNA tests because I honestly feel bad that african-americans never got to experience true african culture growing up. I'm not saying that the culture they made for themselves isn't sufficient but I mean it in the way you mentioned how most african-americans can't pinpoint they're heritage compared to other peers. The african ancestry website is a step in the right direction because there are always things DNA can't tell you like your people's history, cuisine, culture, mannerisms, dance and music, little things like that. That's just my opinion though.

  19. Do you posses a paper trail sis that matches your test?

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