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My Ancestry DNA Results!

My Ancestry DNA Results!

I recently did the Ancestry DNA test to see where my ancestors were from and here are the results 🙂
Let me know what other videos you would like to see from me in the future!
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38 thoughts on “My Ancestry DNA Results!

  1. Steve Haas says:

    You have such a nice voice.

  2. Nice results. You're a beauty, too.

  3. Wooo You're fine, where you at?

  4. Hello you and I are twins WOW please to meet through the internet…the world says everyone has a twin.we are twins..by the way we're beautiful close in skin color facial expressions and hair l….and voice the way we talk WOW.? Thanks I'm wanting to get a DNA test.pray me I had a heart defibrillator implant surgery 11-3-2017.?.

  5. "Discovering that her ancestors were raped by the men that enslaved them is something Nikiah Washington knew she might have to deal with going into the test."

    But that rapist is also their ancestor as well……. Did they not realize this?

  6. Well you need to start repping Nigeria go take a trip to Nigeria I got to learn more about your heritage sister all those African countries you need to go visit

  7. Well spoken and articulate young lady. East?Asia is definitely Native American.

  8. davis icon says:

    So interesting thank you

  9. You possess so much poise, intelligence, and beauty. You have an amazing future ahead of you!

  10. Lou Sales says:

    The fact ALL African people have European in them shows how widespread and brutal slavery was?

  11. Jonathan says:

    very pretty sis..skin tone, too.

  12. mediumfade says:

    my results are very similar to urs. 84% african. I need to make a video

  13. She needs to do a Youtube search and another DNA test for the E1B1A marker as most like she is of the ancient Hebrew Israelites.

  14. Take it from me, you are 100% Nigerian from the Ebo tribe.

  15. You are beautiful honey

  16. kenney0313 says:

    you look like what your results say you are, predominately. you're a descendant of the original tribes of Israel, unlike the usurpers occupying that land currently. still dark and comely, as King Solomon referred to himself as. ☺

  17. the European part camee from slavery

  18. you facial symmetry is on point..go naija oman

  19. O my days, Marie!
    long time no see! you've grown a lot since I last saw you!
    I'm not surprised that you forgotten me tho.
    sorry I haven't been around,
    I'll try an make it up to you.
    I'm your lovable huggable 14% from great Britain! 🙂

  20. BOOM BOOM says:

    wow 50%fine 25%pretty 25%beautiful

  21. Need to do my dna results asap

  22. qaskew24 says:

    80% African? you are so lucky.

  23. Liked watching your video <3

    Let me know what you think of my videos!

  24. RenYin77 says:

    You're exquisite!

  25. fi stla says:

    she was quick to dismiss the Asian. smh.

  26. BigDave15 says:

    Why was British surprising?  It is the most common ethnicity in the US.

  27. Selah says:

    Or maybe you're not even from Africa. You could be aboriginal American!

  28. Tahnn Ju says:

    I would have said you were part African and part Indian from Asia!!!!

  29. We know that 14% is from slave masters purposely & forcefully intermingling with our ancestor's. On average African-Americans have about 25% or less of European due to blanqueamiento.

  30. Did the results provide the haplotype or genotype?

  31. I kind of was expecting south Asian or East Indian. I know I'm Jamaican and my great grandmother was coolie (Indian) Irish isn't surprising there are many Jamaicans of Irish ancestry, and don't be surprised there are a lot of blacks that have European DNA I mean some of them raped our ancestors as disgusting as that sounds.

  32. You should make more videos!! You have such a beautiful presence.

  33. Wonder what's my african ancestry…

  34. Abdi Ahmed says:

    Regardless of your genetic makeup, you are absolutely beautiful. I am glad you're 84% African though lol

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