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My Ancestry DNA Results!!

My Ancestry DNA Results!!

Decided to take this DNA test for many reason! I’m so pleased with my experience with ancestry.com.

Yes, I talk too much. Sorry lol
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12 thoughts on “My Ancestry DNA Results!!

  1. Lol maybe it was love ????

  2. I got
    Africa 59%

    Nigeria 15%
    Ivory Coast/Ghana 11%
    Cameroon/Congo 7%
    Benin/Togo 7%

    Trace Regions 19%

    Africa Southeastern Bantu 7%
    Senegal 6%
    Mali 5%
    Africa North< 1%

    Native American 6%
    Asia Central 1%

    Europe 32%
    Iberian Peninsula 21%
    Europe West 7%

    Trace Regions 4%
    European Jewish 2%
    Italy/Greece 1%
    Ireland< 1%
    Middle East 2%

  3. Eddie N says:

    How come there's videos on here saying Africans were made fun of in high school. I'm African and was never made fun of probably cause I'm so good looking and talented and if I ever saw that there was good to be a huge problem

  4. Katieee says:

    I got 67% European, 30% African, 1% Native, 1% Polynesian, 1% East Asian

  5. woozytuber says:

    Great results!! And you should be proud of your heritage ?

  6. Upload your DNA to GEDmatch.com. It gives a far more in depth analysis of your DNA results.

  7. Dee B. says:

    I just got my results 70% African and 25% European 2% Native American.

  8. Zuri Ali says:

    Cool! I'm 84% African. 30% Benin/ Togo, 26% Cameroon / Congo.

  9. Thanks for sharing…. I watched another video from a guy whose entire lineage came from a part of Nigeria… and ancestry gave him results that were mostly benin togo… he was so upset because he was very sure it was wrong. So he uploaded his raw data to many of the other sites out there which is free… and he found very varying results and one showed in detail that he was indeed more Nigerian. So could be the sampling that the lab has has a prominence for benin togo. So just saying upload it to the other sites, and compare.

  10. "Maybe it was love" ? cool results! Check mine out on my channel.

  11. Ito Roots says:

    Great results, thanks for sharing

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