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My Ancestry DNA Results

My Ancestry DNA Results

Got the email saying my results were in. Decided to screencast it for prosperity.


2 thoughts on “My Ancestry DNA Results

  1. bro where you from?. I'm from Peru and I've got similar results than you. Only difference is that my highest percentage in Europe is Italy/Greece and I'm 20% Ashkenazi Jew. Besides from that, We're identical. You could be my cousin hehe Full results :

    Africa North 3%
    Native American 19%
    Europe 71%
    – Italy/Greece 30%
    – European Jewish 20%
    – Ireland 10%
    – Iberian Peninsula 6%
    – Great Britain 3%
    – Europe East 1%
    – Europe West 1%

    Middle Eastern 7%

  2. Lynn Wylin says:

    WOW you have the most cousins i have ever seen on this test, I am so amazed.

    I don't know if you know this about your results …….. but on your cousin matches page, is a fun tool….. especially if you hit a brick wall on you tree this will help.

    step 1…click on view all matches

    step 2…click on any cousin. .

    step 3…see where is says .>>>Predicted relationship: there is a letter ' i ' shaded in gray … click on that.

    This tell you how much centimorgans = (DNA) you have with that person.. in that gray box that pops up!!! click on >>>….. (what does this mean)

    Then scroll to the bottom of the page and there is a chart that explains how they are related to you ……. example. 3,475 cms is your identical twin or full blood sibling …..all the way to even a 8th cousin of 6 centimorgans.

    ALSO on that same page you will see>

    Pedigree and surnames-(shared matches)- map and locations

    click on the (shared matches) this will help you map who is on your mothers side or fathers side.

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