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My Ancestry DNA Results | Was not Expecting That

My Ancestry DNA Results | Was not Expecting That

My ancestors got around.
I’m black y’all
Check out the Ancestry DNA kit if you can because this was lit.

Age: 19
Camera: Nikon Coolpix S6900


37 thoughts on “My Ancestry DNA Results | Was not Expecting That

  1. I'm 2% Native American too how cool

  2. joneta83 says:

    The profanity of it all….I love this girl

  3. How about Youtalkalotistan?

  4. Jaon Yjs says:

    You aren’t Native American don’t ever claim that

  5. MbunduDNA says:

    You like an UNICORN. LOL nice vid

  6. bigdicky ! says:

    hey ik her thats my moms friend daughter

  7. Lyricus X says:

    You are your grandaddy twin. Yep, you a Kardashian lol too cute. Cool results.

  8. Perhaps your great great grand parent was Findian from Michigan (Finnish + Native American)? Because 1/16 means about 6%.

  9. Austria is German! I think your very handsome Great great opa look very German!

  10. Me asfk ima rep what ever flag im the most of lol

  11. Indi Rose says:

    Can’t wait to get my back ???

  12. I thought she was like 75 percent black.

  13. When I saw your great grandfather I said she looks like him! Great video and a lot entertainment too!

  14. Marc E says:

    you look just like your great great grand father. Pretty uncanny after 4 to 5 generations.

  15. Marc E says:

    I'm going with 80% african, 19% african, and 1% native american

  16. 2ne1 poster lol love it

  17. KeyMoCo, I wanna get AncestryDNA to see my DNA test results.

  18. Your hair line def from Congo I'm congoles and we got same hair line ???

  19. Money M!! says:

    ???? @ the native american part "not that much but it's there bitch they found it"

  20. Your great great grandpa was a handsome man.

  21. " not that much, but its there bitch they found it." ahahah???

  22. When she says "BITCH" lmao

  23. Just saw the end. You are a Mizrahi crypto Jew(first Hebrews). They are the first multiracials therefore you have no ethnicity. No country liked them, so they would lie and say they were Askenazi or Sephardim in order move into other countries. Hence all of Europe expelled Jews, then started killing them. Y'all lucky to be alive.
    That explains Germany, Poland and Russia.
    You may have living relative in the old GDR.
    You come from a very long breed of multiracials, multicultural, & multilingual ancestry.
    Next time you use profane lagauge keep it real, be like: Fick deine Mutti, bigga swester kicken iren arse es noct.
    Gutentag mein fraulin, auf Wiedersehen!

  24. Not from rape: You may be Sepahdic Jew. Nevertheless that would explain why it's spread all over the place. Russia did not take part in slavery. They just killed Jews. Therefore no rape and release, just dead and dumped.

  25. Leron Hill says:

    I'm a warrior princess bitch!!! You are too much, love it! I did get Native American, not that much but it's there bitch they found it!!! I'm subscribing??

  26. Lisa A says:

    You're hilarious!

  27. hilarious.."i'm a kardashian bitch"

  28. but its there bitch they found it ???

  29. Ghanaian not ghanin looool

  30. You look like the white dude on your phone… your gggrandpa! LOL

  31. she looks just like him

  32. loved this whole video n your room is totally your trace regions

  33. lol you n ya grand dad have the same exact eyes n lips

  34. Kay Bell says:

    primarly located in armernia im a kardashian bitch ?

  35. Your great great grandpa was probably Prussian, which used to be part of Germany, but it's in Northern Poland, now. And that would explain why you have so many ethnicities in that general area in your DNA.

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