Home DNA AncestorMy ancestry DNA results were pretty shocking!!!
My ancestry DNA results were pretty shocking!!!

My ancestry DNA results were pretty shocking!!!

***Correction, I took the test in November and got the results early December.


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  1. I cant believe that in 2018 people are still gauging themselves by the degree of melanin or texture of their hair. This makes me feel like the high school science department is a fail.

  2. 1 in 4 kids grow up with a father that is biologically not their father but nobody knows(except the mother, mother always knows). Your mother is probably a narcissist so you'll never get the truth outta her. Doesnt mean that your father is white, could be a black guy with ALOT of white %. But just looking at you and seeing your mannerisms im pretty sure your dad is white, I would say 97% sure.

  3. Andy says:

    Blacks only cling to Native American because they assume since these people are agains the white man we can claim there blood but in reality native Americans own slave a lot more then u like to think and fought against blacks freedom so much so that when America ended slavery Native American was last to free there Slavs cus in Native land they don’t have to go by American law but eventually they had to free the blacks they own. secondly most blacks that have white in them isn’t from rap that’s dumb to even think just trying to hate on the white man if there was any force it would be the Irish servants that was kidnap from there land they was forced to have mix kids to sell off and be slaves even today when u see a racist grandpa of black or white they Almost always take there grand kids in cuz it’s not there fualt so if ur a slave master and you don’t see blacks as being equally as you or even humans at that matter you wouldn’t mix ur dna with them and sell your kids off or inslave it was mostly the Irish the was forced to do that intill it was out lawed black and white mixing cus it was hurting slave ships blacks own slaves and well Africa sold there blacks to the Jews slavery wasn’t a race thing it was about money race didn’t get into it intill it got political and Democratic Party was formed and then they put laws blacks owning slaves and land and stoped using white slaves so you shouldn’t piss on white side becuse whites where slaves also and a lot more in commons then u think they just only talk about one side of history so they can keep us divided if we both knew whites and blacks came from similar history we wouldn’t grow up to hate each other blacks would just basically hate Democrats for Jim Crow and so on

  4. dolo says:

    This woman is so damn fine!

  5. zitmo1 says:

    You really need to understand how DNA works and how it is passed on from generation to generation. Maybe you should check out some YouTube videos of siblings and family members who do the DNA test together and you'll have a better understanding.

    Race is a social construct made by man to label and box people into an existence they truly don't deserve. There is no such thing as race but there is such a thing as regions and areas.

  6. Why don't you show or tell the break down of your mix, you said your mom was from Panama right, will then you have Iberian blood for sure no matter what your skin color.

  7. Hi I'm new to your channel and I have a thought. You say that your parents told you that you have some Native American ancestry but it turns out that you have non at all. Well, i'm British and growing up, I was always told that I was 110% English and nothing else. They told me this so much that I didn't question it at all. Got talking to my Auntie one day and she revealed to me that my great Grandfather was from southern Ireland and my own Ancestry DNA test proved that to be fact. …I only found out about this at age 30. Tediously long story short, just because there are rumours in a family of "we're native American" or my own "we're just English and nothing else" isn't always true and thank God for these DNA tests and their facts lol much love x

  8. I assume both of your parents are mixed themselves?BLESSINGS ?

  9. your mother had an affair.

  10. One of my cousins has two black Jamaican parents her sister is dark but curly hair & the mom is dark with curly hair. My cousin is light with light eyes & curly hair & our grandfather is whitish so you could be your dad's daughter. My cousins aunt has 3 children 1 dark 1 brown & one mad pale, both parents are dark & the father has light eyes. So sometimes these things happen & I'm 100% sure there was no cheating.

  11. Sometimes What African Americans consider black is actually not black. You think you have two black parents but in reality you don’t. If you test an African in Nigeria or Ghana they will be African in 99 % or more . In America it is different Africans Americans unfortunately were raped and have a substantial amount of European dna in them. So you may have black looking parents but due to a recessive gene you may come looking much white than your parents. African Americans tried to down play rape during slavery by saying that they are mixed with Indian. It is sad but it is jus the truth.

  12. Nothing wrong with being mulatto'! and your beautiful!

  13. jay walker says:

    your very attractive just be happy who you are

  14. You need to ask your dad for an DNA test

  15. KEL7000 says:

    First off beautiful just beautiful my Queen ?….!!!!!

  16. i see your EURO features , nose and lips

  17. Clockwork says:

    u look like the lady from that girls trip movie lol..

  18. jalen gee says:

    maybe both back passing biracials

  19. Both my parents are African-American, and I also have a large European-American percentage that showed up on my DNA profile. I think that you could still have two African-American parents, because I do. Both my parents have European heritage, although they are black.

  20. J RR says:

    please research how we inherit DNA from our parents. You could very well be your father's child. Most likely you inherited the 20-something European DNA from both of your parents. Not many African Americans are 100% African.

  21. If he's your father, it would say he's your father on the Ancestry. My daughter is listed as my daughter and I'm listed as her mother.

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