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My Ancestry Research: Update 2

My Ancestry Research: Update 2

Update on my ancestry findings through Ancestry.com. New document findings which point me in the right direction. And corrections on misleading leads.


6 thoughts on “My Ancestry Research: Update 2

  1. I feel you on the name changes. I'm black so we have NO idea, the masters could've changed our name when they felt like it. plus my names Johnson so.. everybody comes up

    but good work I'm glad you got the right grandma now. btw you're hella cute ?

  2. Lawd …..you are FIIIIIIINE…….* ahem….ok my " thirst " response is out of the way……cause Daaaayum….but back to your video…That's cool to know as I been debating on using that site. I know I am mixed with Puerto Rican, Dominican, Korean, Irish, Spaniard , French , TaĆ­no indian & Mongolian.

  3. Wooohoooo! So happy you were able to find out more! Exciting!

  4. so cool. which site or resources are you using for documents gathering? also, from which part of the family is your gorgeousness coming from?

  5. tritosac says:

    I also did the ancestry DNA test last October. My mother is anglo and my Dad is from Puebla, Mexico and grew up in Mexico City. My mother always told me her family is English and we have some Irish from her Father. My Father always told me my grandmother's family came from Northern Spain close to the border with France and had some French ancesty while my Grandfather was from Sonora and was Yaqui. My DNA test revealed my top DNA regions are Great Britain at 51% Native American at 19% & Irish at 8%. It turns out I have very little Iberian Peninsula (Spanish) at 3% but actually have greek/Italy at 6% and Western European at 5%(I guess that must be the French blood).

    I tried to trace my Grandfathers tree by looking for birth certificates in Sonora. There is a free website-I can't think of the name right now, but it has old baptismal documents that go back to the 1600's. I was trying to find his relatives but I was thinking at some point his family must have been given a Spanish name. He never talked about his past to my Dad because I think he had a very difficult childhood. He became a soldier in 1910 during the Mexican Revolution when he was only 15 years old and the rumor is he never went to school and may not have been able to speak Spanish during his childhood and didn't learn it until later. I wish I could find more information but I don't think Mexico keeps good records and familys tend to only want to talk about their European ancestry. Anyways I enjoy watching your videos and like I said you are very attractive. Good luck in your search.

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