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My AncestryDNA Review and Tips!

My AncestryDNA Review and Tips!

Welcome and thank you for visiting! Today I’ve uploaded my review of AncestryDNA testing kit, which includes my experience with using Ancestry.com.

I’m not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned in the video; this video product review is solely based on my experience as a consumer of Ancestry, AncestryDNA, and Family Tree DNA.

I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to contribute your two cents on the matter, your experience, or post any questions you may have!


www.ftdna.com (Family Tree DNA)
www.dna.ancestry.com (AncestryDNA)
www.23andMe.com (23andMe)

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39 thoughts on “My AncestryDNA Review and Tips!

  1. If you think these genetic tests are poor for Asians, you ought to try for Native American! A big part of the reason they are so bad for Native Americans is that Native Americans adamantly resist giving their genetic data to the databases.

  2. PABLO LEO says:

    You are so beautiful,thank you for the info.

  3. You're right: GEDmatch is better for a specific breakdown

  4. are the new test more accurate? i'm seeing mixed results like yours that don't break down the asian ancestry while some videos on here have specific results on their asian ancestry.

  5. Fishbowl says:

    Thanks Josephine, one of the best honest review, i was just a click away ordering ancestryDNA.

  6. Ben y says:

    It took you forever to get to the results. people should give results first then do your monolog.

  7. I know what you mean. Its the same for native americans. Apparently I am 18% east asian. East Asian? What group is east asian or native american group? It maps out north and south america.

  8. I hate G+ says:

    I think that Ancestry might not be able to break down East Asian DNA as much because East Asians don't have as much genetic variance between ethnic groups. They do break down Native American groups more than they do Asian groups but not nearly as much as they can with European and African DNA.

  9. Arieta says:

    In the most companies, the genes found both in Korean and Japanese are classified as Japanese. That means most of Koreans are full Japanese when they do the same study like your mom did. In my eyes, you are quite Mongol, as much as Korean or Japanese.

  10. Fantastic information. I realize this was posted October 2015 and may be out of date.

  11. CafeRose says:

    this was very helpful and probably best review i've seen. I keep seeing very broad reviews giving about the two sites and most people just give out their results but I've been wanting a more detailed analysis .

  12. laiyenbr says:

    I need to do a test. I'm really impressed how Koreans are familiar to me as a whole Japanese descendant. I mean Koreans look like relatives to me, much closer than Chinese for example.

  13. laiyenbr says:

    You look like a little japanese in behaviour, I feel it.

  14. Eric O. says:

    Just a theory but maybe your grandmother who was from a wealthy Korean family had a Japanese husband. And when the occupation was over Her husband returned to Japan and your grandmother remained in Korean. In an attempt to hide your mother's Japanese bloodline your grandmother and her parents decided to give up your mother for adoption. They provided money for your mother's upbringing. I've heard that during the occupation prominent Korean families would wed there daughters to Japanese man, usaully someone of some importance in order to protect there higher status or wealth.

  15. Tops off to getting 100%

  16. Forrest S says:

    By just a glance people can tell approximately what region of East Asia (somewhere from Korea to Manchuria/Northern China to Japan to Mongolia). The tricky thing is that people in this region have some common genes so I wonder even if the lab can specify the chromosome halpogroups, how accurate they can locate the percentage of ethnicities.

  17. Rather disappointed with the DNA result they are providing – I thought they will specify whether (for Koreans/Japanese) Genghis Khan was their ancestor or not. Thanks for very useful information!

  18. Mai 3 says:

    When your asian dna game is too strong lol

  19. qpae123 says:

    I could have tell you're korean for free 😀

  20. Josh Ya says:

    You are beautiful.

  21. Asian girls are nice. I wonder how they are with their man.

  22. Was the DNA match feature useful for finding some of your mother's relatives?

  23. I wish I had watched this video before I got my Ancestry Kit! My results were the same as yours, 100% Asia East. I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED! Following your steps, I've uploaded my results to GEDmatch. Waiting for the results. I hope it will be more interesting than the Ancestry one!

  24. Aise Demir says:

    hi there
    I want to know which countries I am?
    which kit do you offer to me ?

  25. As soon as I hit the subscribe button you start saying "hey Peter." You scared the crap out of me cause that's my name.

  26. 拖泥塘 says:

    damn I'm boring… one hundo Central Chinese here

  27. Roberta Estes has a pretty good blog about genetic genealogy, and even discusses her experiences with different testing vendors. I am a white guy and have actually had autosomal matches to Japanese and Filipinos! You can see Roberta at https://dna-explained.com/ but I suspect you are already aware.

  28. I'm about 35% East Asian and I wanted to see if I had anything other than Filipino, but unfortunately, they can't break down the Asian 🙁

  29. Samu Rai says:

    I just looked at various reviews for DNA testing and none of them mention anything about the results you will get based on your race. I am white and wondered what the results would be for my wife that is from the Philippines….would it basically say that she is Asian??? Apparently so, and we already know that much. Nice to know that the 23andMe is more specific for Asians in a basic Autosomal test. For White people, the Ancestry or Family Tree DNA for the basic Autosomal test will probably work just fine…which apparently doesn't mean much if you are Asian or mostly Asian. It would be nice to find someone of mostly Asian descent to get a comparison of 23andMe against Family Tree DNA.

  30. D A E says:

    I don't know how what many races I am made out of.all I know is that I am a creation of God. And to all of you I recommend not spending your money. I would give it to the homeless instead.

  31. more data on asian dna is needed. they also need to add central asian dna data as well. quite big chunk of the world is ignored in these tests.

  32. Jhas Jhis says:

    What you can do it upload your results to WeGene. It's as Chinese company that had genetic data from East Asian and can therefore break Asian genes down more and give you a better idea of your genetic composition. It's more detailed than just Japanese Korean and Chinese lol

  33. Jeff Morse says:

    They'll break down East Asia once they have enough results to differentiate between the various ethnicities.

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