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  1. ISaidIt 2 says:

    Means your ancestors were Slaves and Slave Masters, LOL.

  2. Self hated bitch Africa wishes you was white. punk

  3. Shy says:

    I really enjoyed your video!!! Exciting results huh!!! I saw that we had some similar connection. I began to wonder…wait is this man family!?!? Lol

  4. I’m glad I ran across your video because I’m supposed to get mine tomorrow.

  5. Surprised to hear that the name "Johnson" is almost exclusively English or Irish. Most of the Johnson's where I live are Swedes. Maybe they Anglicized it from Johannson.

  6. Hahaha Man looks disappointed he wanted to be British ?

  7. Lmfao he said he thought he would be less African. Wow. Nooooo hahha you’re definitely black.

  8. azure kite says:

    So why did you think your African percentage would have been lower?

  9. Nice video! It’s great to find out more about yourself and spark your journey to learn even more about your history. I heard that the Cameroonian embassy has a welcoming ceremony for African Americans.

  10. They couldnt determine my test results after several attempts so they are sending me a brand new kit to redo the sample so they can try again.

  11. I forgot to mention that the Africans sold us to the Europeans for slavery. Now do you think that Africans would sell their own people into slavery? We fled into Africa to avoid persecution by the Romans. They never liked us or wanted us there. So they were happy to sell us off. Which is why they are under the curse they're under. For selling The Most High's people into slavery. Wake up my brother, and don't just take my word for it. Do your own research, so you can see it for yourself. I was once you, but my eyes were opened, and I pray that yours will be too. The good thing about it is, once they're opened, they can't be closed again.

  12. Also you may want to check out the video, where ancestry.com was exposed. Trust me, this thing is way deeper than you are fathoming right now my brother.

  13. I saw the video, and I also saw a couple of people's comments on the video. Why would you believe that the people that hate you, and were literally used as a part of a curse against us, would ever disclose to you who you really are? They will NEVER tell you who you really are, even though they know who you really are. You have to first understand that everything you've been taught and indoctrinated with, was a lie. Once you accept that, you can begin to find the truth. But as long as you look to the gentiles to solve your problems, you're gong to continue to be lied to, and you may never find the truth.

  14. Interesting video. I could see the emotion in your expressions when you looked at this. Nostalgia, pain, longing for a homeland you perhaps have never seen. I know this feeling too. For Europeans living in colony countries (NZ/Canada/Australia/USA) we also are unaware of our ethnic heritage. Just how African Americans refer to themselves by colour 'black' we are reduced to calling ourselves' whites' a term which our ancestors would have shunned. We have had a foreign and artificial culture imposed on us and 'who we are' is a question we struggle with. We are obviously Europeans yet we don't belong in Europe anymore, we also don't belong in our new homes because due the actions of our ancestors we are living in lands which belong to other peoples. Sun Tzu said "Know thyself, and know thine enemy and you shall not be imperiled in 1000 battles". Knowing your ancestry and your peoples ways and customs is very important for knowing who you are. Now your ancestors bones have been buried in the USA for so long that you have a kinship with that land and those people you share it with.

    Also, these DNA companies have been caught giving the DNA profiles to governments and law enforcement agencies. Not sure what you think about that but just something to be aware of.

  15. This is the first reaction I have seen like this. You seemed almost disappointed that you are 87% African. Your results are typical. I've not seen one Black person who wasn't mixed with some European (slavery). Be proud of the 87%!!

  16. Rt soca says:

    You are so handsome

  17. bro, you came off them slave ships,??? the Congo!!!!! what!!!!? we will see ,Hebrew??

  18. Congrats on your findings! It's exciting knowing our roots.

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