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  1. I hope I am a hundred per cent African, I have a feeling that my ancestors came from Ghana because I have been stopped by Ghanian women asking me if I from there and they are shocked when I tell them I am Black British of Jamaican descent, hopefully, I will be able to add Ghanian.

  2. Yes, Antigua is mostly African, and if your mother lived in the hills of Jamaica most likely she's Maroon.  Exactly, the Falani are a diverse group.

  3. That's great man! My ethnicity is largely hails from both Nigeria and Mali regions. However I have no idea which ethnic groups and I know that there are many. Popular consensus is Igbo from the Nigerian people I've talked to. It makes the most sense. I read somewhere that most Black Americans have at least 30% Igbo ancestry. However, I still want to take a test that pinpoints my exact ethnic makeup to know for sure. I always wondered why I have an undying love for all foods made with okra.


  5. talk2me9ja says:

    Your history is more accurate than many people think.

  6. Bro that's what's up. ✊?✊?

  7. They shipped the results off to Utah? Interesting the Mormon’s have a huge genealogy collection over there.

  8. Zulu Man says:

    Very interesting I might have to check that out my brother I know for a fact my father and mother comes from Georgia my father last name Dumas his mother definitely had Native American mixture and his father well I know he was real dark my mother was pretty much dark also that's cool my brother I know for a fact my father and my mother and my mother did not take no s*** from nobody especially white people big hearts beautiful people I was blessed by almighty God they have them my father had 13 brothers and three sisters Macon Georgia I do believe my personality it feels like sometimes that Warrior runs through my blood no I don't know if that comes from the African or the Native American but a combination of both I don't take no s*** either to the point I have to watch myself and choose my battles wisely the fire runs through my blood

  9. 100 wow giving you not African American, still your families from the island.

  10. Could you also investigate on the Temne people in Sierra Leone, West Africa?

  11. iloverette says:

    I'm so jealous!!!! And excited to take this test!!! I BETTA BE 100% African. I was born in Jamaica (of Maroon descent) as well!!

  12. do they send anonymous reference codes to company in Utah?

  13. T M D says:

    If I were you I'd be so happy.

  14. That was a great video. Congratulations you should've put a crown on at the end when you said yo boy Hometeam is 100% Sub- Saharan African. Lol Ijs say I bet that felt good know that you don't have any colonizers blood in you. At least not enough show up. Thanks.

  15. It's funny, I unconsciously assumed you were African or had an African parent before viewing this video.

  16. That’s dope fam! My results came in at 91% African. I was surprised myself, and very happy!

  17. mia2000 says:

    Wow! It's a blessing to be 100%. It's pretty rare especially on this part of the world. I was hoping but I knew it was a stretch because both of my mothers parents had white ancestors.

  18. Derrick, "Dat's it!"  Great work! Cool results and congratulations on making into the "100% Club"!!!

  19. You should upload your data to Gedmatch…

  20. K EM says:

    Accompong! I'm from Akropong in Ghana. Akro means town while Pong means big.

  21. AJCiti says:

    Really cool! I wanna do mine even though both of my parents are from the same place in Nigeria

  22. What? 100% my parents are both Haitians I am 98% African I though I would be 100% we are the purest African out of Africa. Praise Yah. It’s a blessing be Happy ? ?

  23. Why are you not rocking the Fulani's shirt?

  24. J' azz says:

    Walk the goat and feed them. Walk barefoot. That's sp African!

  25. Eu Des says:

    I swear I know a dude thats jamaican that looks like hes probably you're cousin, Jamaica is a small island after all lol

  26. GIR 93 says:

    Your blessed to have all that strong black blood!!!!!

  27. GIR 93 says:

    Big Up Jamaica!!!!

  28. Unless your parentage came through after slavery…it is highly unlikely that you are 100% in the Caribbean. I am sure if you did another test you would get different results. But who knows.

  29. Nelly says:

    My dad's jamaican and my mom is montserratian(montserrat is next to antigua).

  30. It seems like your mom is from the maroon colonies of Jamaica that were isolated for hundreds of years in the mountains

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