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7 thoughts on “My SHOCKING 23andme DNA Results?

  1. good now straight your hair and put a feather in it

  2. good now straight your hair and put a feather in it

  3. It's sad how many European men impregnated the African women they enslaved and then treated their children as total crap by denying them all types of rights. Their white kids got all of the inheritance.

  4. I believe more people are shock than those who kind of know. African American things are not clear for all us. It's shocking I see African American who have 80 percent African while mines was least. It is neat they can see these things though DNA. I truly feel like a flower. God made tons of different kind of flowers and hybrids are produce. I might be African American but I still feel some individuality .

  5. John Dean says:

    What's your maternal haplogroup?

  6. And yes i can confirm as an irish person we are as light as it comes and yes we have lots of redheads!!

  7. Wow so interesting!! Great video Sheryl❤️

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