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5 thoughts on “MyHeritage: Americans are More Obsessed with Ethnicity?

  1. Andy Orbet says:

    Americans care so much about race / skin color / heritage, as a foreigner, I really do not give a shit about the ancestors of the Americans!

    Shit, I don't give a shit about what ancestors were doing 500 years ago, much less I am gonna care about the ancestors of some stranger from the US.

    Yet Americans talk about it as if it was some fascinating, interesting thing. Honestly Americans, no one gives a fuck! You have ancestors with interesting stories, so does everyone else on this planet!

  2. Its strange to an arab from the gulf to see its normal you dont know your great grandfather cos here we know our blood to almost 2000yeas cos you came from a tripe and that one came from older one and etc.my far cosin did that dna and she is 100% arab aljazeera our land.but we know all huomankind from eve and adam so what the point.i think by this test you get a hint from the twest of the history and the life of the other and there story when life was sooo diff than now

  3. Why do you look different in some of your videos? Lol like a totally different person. Lol not to offend you. Im confused

  4. Yes and no, I've met so many Americans that don't give a hoot, they know nothing and dont care about the origins of their ancestors, but what I've noticed in UK is ethnicity is somehwhat a taboo subject, to ask someone what ethnicity they are will probably attract an uneasy response, maybe because we have so much legislation and policy around policital correctness? Might be one of those cross-cultural differences we have with America where hardly anyone is indiginous? Like could you really go upto and African American and say "I think you probably about 16% British and Irish in you" ? Like would it be socially acceptable?

  5. Ns Mjkl says:

    You should visit Europe once to complete your global experience ,You would love it. Americans and Europeans are connected and collectively called the western people in asia. We Asians all look the same and we are not obbessed with ethnicity because our heritage would be called Asians and if we have fairer skin we may assume one of our ancestors was a russian, but Americans ethinicity may be European Latino Russian Scandinavian east European, Greek, roman , spainish, Italian even middle eastern even asian, so its a big and difficult chapter and without DNA test finding your ancestery is impossible and everyone has the right to find their birthright because every western people is different looking with diiferent hair and different skin while we look the same and have common rituals. Americans should know the probability of their ethnicity would be 97% from Europe or middle east and 3% if from asia, so american having Asian background is less likely to see. Asia is Eastern world and Europe and the united states are called western world.

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