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MyHeritage DNA Test (Read description after watching)

MyHeritage DNA Test (Read description after watching)

I uploaded my ancestry DNA to this website. On ancestry, their was no African showing, so can someone tell me how MyHeritage shows this? Either way, I am satisfied with my results!
Thank you
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6 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Test (Read description after watching)

  1. Zalden N says:

    you're not white man, I am sorry

  2. Thank you for your reaction, when you saw North Africa?
    I'm from algeria (north africa)

  3. Gian says:

    north african is still caucasian btw

  4. AlexMoby says:

    Hello, concerning the Nigerian percentage, since the beginning of 2018, many people got this percentage even if other websites show no trace of this area. I received my resultats in December 2017 and I got 100% European.
    I wonder if there is a general mistake . Sure Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa but all the same, not more than half of the users have Nigerian blood !
    I am perhaps naive but I do not think that MyHeritage puts Nigerian blood on purpose to "screw racists" because if they wanted it, they would not be stupid enough to give this ethnicity in particular, they would have varied with other African ethnicities available (Central African, Kenyan, Masai ….)
    I just hope they would fix it for their next update. I also hope they would be able to divide the North/Western Europe. Many French users (with French parents and grandparents, including me) got a higher percentage of Iberian/Italian/English blood than North/Western, certainly due to the fact that France being a crossroad, French DNA can still be easily confused with DNAs from neighboring regions. I am confident that DNA tests will be more accurate about this in the future.

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