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MyHeritage: Do DNA Tests Change or Enchance Our Identity?

MyHeritage: Do DNA Tests Change or Enchance Our Identity?

You be the judge.


6 thoughts on “MyHeritage: Do DNA Tests Change or Enchance Our Identity?

  1. L G says:

    if I turned out not to be of an Ethnicity I originally Identified with than I wouldn't Identify as that Ethnicity.

  2. L G says:

    I'm glad I didn't buy a My Heritage test. I uploaded my data for free. The results were inaccurate. Every other place I upload data to pinpoint I'm 19% Native American. My Heritage is claiming I'm 28% Central American. The numbers are off, and no one in my family is from Central America. They did pinpoint I was 2% Eskimo. It was under East Asian Ethnicities. What is weird is they claimed I was only 6% Spanish the Italian didn't appear in my results and I was now 8% East Europe and 3% of that was Baltic. No one in my family is from East Europe. There is no evidence in my research of anyone being from East Europe. I did pinpoint the North Slavic being more in the northeast area. I did once again get the 3% North Africa and West Asia. Central Asia and Finnish was missing. My Heritage got my results by matching me with only 6 people. The matching is all wrong, and one of my matches is Russell Wong who I'm sure is Asian. My Native American is connected to my Spanish ancestors being in Mexico. I do know that Mexico is in North America. Although Mexico boarders Central America it is not a Central American country. I think the reason My Heritage is analyzing Dna for free is because they need more Dna results to help them be more accurate in the percentages and ethnicities. I also figured out why I'm 19% Native American My Great Grandparents are my Mothers Grandparents. I now believe the Indigenous Dna came from my Great Grandfather. I believe one of his parents was part Indigenous. I have a picture of him and he looks a little Asian. My Great Grandmother looked completely European so I doubt she had any Indian. I was born in 1977 so my Great Grandfather would have been 72 yrs old. So only 112 years have passed since my Great Grandfather was born. We share 12% Dna with a Great Grandparent.

  3. This is my opinion. But it's your decision. I think you should take more DNA tests with Ancestry, 23andme, Family Tree DNA just to compare.

  4. Matxe9212 says:

    It enhanced my scandinavian identity, i always knew i was danish but to have it on a test is awesome. It also gave me new identity through the high east europe i got in my test. It said i am a little over quarter eastern european. I thought i was quarter german, i was always told that but it was actually more polish. Big suprise. I also found out i had german on a totally different side of my family i didnt know about. Overall im pretty happy with doing a DNA test. Always thought i looked different from everybody else around me in school etc. and the dna test revealed why.

  5. Heh depends on the mentality of person. If I find out if i would be like ashkenazi jewish i would literally probably say i am jewish and i would probably convert. But everything depends on mentality

  6. Ur still Italian! MyHeritage said I'm 4% Jewish, & no other DNA tests said I am. & their sample size is small, whereas 23&me has the largest

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