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New Change in the Map – 03: Macedonia Changing Its Name

New Change in the Map – 03: Macedonia Changing Its Name

Macedonia / FYROM has officially changed its name.


44 thoughts on “New Change in the Map – 03: Macedonia Changing Its Name

  1. Now we can stop being so fussy over its name now. Greece is cool with it.

  2. talk about Tiran and Sanafir Islands that were given by Egypt to Saudi Arabia and talk about there importance in the 1967 Egyptian Israeli war

  3. Aleksandar was greek new Macedonians are mixed serbs and bulgerians

  4. FUCK YOU TIGER we didn’t change and we WONT CHANGE you Greek MALAKA
    Greeks you MALAKAS …

  5. KrA40n1 says:

    Not yet they are yet to have a referendum in autumn and their president is not yet very keen on the change so we will see if this actually happens

  6. The name normally is monkeydonia…that is the real connection with the name..they are a bit Albanians,Bulgarians,slaves,etc,etc,but not Greeks…and they still want a name that is not theirs….but it comes slowly in a planet with no historical knowledge…

  7. Hey random person scrolling through the comment!
    I made a mapping channel and uploaded my first video.Can u please check it out and tell me what u think.

  8. For anyone thinking that we are OK with this change. NO, WE ARE NOT. The majority of the Greek population doesn't want any name for Skopje containing the term Macedonia. The government refuses to listen to the people who elected it. There have been major rallies(over 2 million people in total) so far and more are about to take place! We ask for referendum and the government (which so far supported referendums ) now says that such matters cannot be solved with referendums and that anyone who thinks as I describe is nationalist, fascist etc.

  9. No it hasn't changed its name yet. The negotiations are carriyng on….
    Just the name "North Macedonia" was accepted by the 2 PMs, but the dispute isn't solved.

  10. Filip m says:

    Greek doesn't have history on the territory north from thessalia

  11. Spoke too soon tigerstar

  12. when ever these vids happen it is just reversed

  13. Dim K says:

    Is not the same as West Virginia / Virginia. More like West Bulgaria. Macedonia name/history/most of the territory has been Greek for 2000-3000 years. Fake macedonia inhabitants are SLAVS and ALBANIANS came to the region around 800 years ago at most and they were always considered themselves as Slavs and Albanians. Until 30 years ago they decided to lunch a master-plan to pretend they are the real macedonians they own the whole region and the whole history so they changed the history books and started brainwashing their people, like they do in dictatorships, thus so many people are so nationalistic about their "macedonian" identity which is a product of 30-40 years propaganda.

  14. I guess that's fine the Republic of Skopje would have been better though

  15. West 2017 every day/hour.

  16. Su Lomebio says:

    Last time i checked both were in Ottoman Empire. Damn time flies

  17. No. It will be called: Very North Kingdom of Ancient Egypt.

  18. That's not a map change

  19. No it fucking isn't cool with it Tigerstar! That was just an Agreement between the two traitorous monsters we have as prime ministers. Who asked help from the USA and NATO anyway?

  20. M A C E D O N I A I S I R A N

  21. Know makedonia is half from solun to skopye it’s northen makedonia it needs the other two parts to be complete pirinska upper or western makedonia in Bulgaria and Eastern mala prespa in Albania to be complete thanks greece and tzipras for letting us to be makedonians hahahaha ???????????????????????????? brothers at last malakas menos republic of makedonia no compromise alexandar makedonski no compromise

  22. Macedonia is Macedonia. Change my mind.

  23. Harry S. says:

    At least there is a new name and it shows the way to tell who are the real indigenous Macedonians with a history which includes Alexander and Ancient Macedonia…. The Greeks.

  24. Sahaal_17 says:

    They should be called Thracia.
    Still, macedonia sound good. It's not like the greeks are using the name anyway.
    Of higher priority should be the shameful state of modern sparta.

  25. Icke says:

    Upper Macedonia would have been better

  26. cerverg says:

    That area had a name and it was Paeonia

  27. First of all in order for the name to change officially the aggrement regarding the name change needs to pass through a refferendum and the parliament of fyrom and then the parliament of greece and all three of these are exceptionally hard since there is strong opposition in both sides as right wings and nationalists in both countries feel betrayed. The truth is that the matter needs to close, it is already late. Secondly there should be no controversy regarding the history, there is ample evidence of the greek heritage of macedonia and evidence of construction of history by the other side. what do you mean whether its truly greek or not, there is evidence everywhere.

    SYRIZA once again sells Greek History again .

  29. Makedonija je Fiji, jebite se ko se ne slaže.

  30. damianos13 says:

    Some Greeks actually like the deal.Those racists do not speak for all of us.Better North Macedonia than Macedonia.Macedonians are Greeks.

  31. According to new sources, the name change will not happen anymore because the President of Macedonia has vetoed the bill, and will not sign it. Unfortunately this silly old issue has not been solved.

  32. We still don't change the name.

  33. Macedonia should be a part of England

  34. The Greek politicians are traitors for surrendering to the Skopians.

  35. Two years ago you made "The Football War: Every day". Now do "The Football War: Every hour".

  36. ''Western Bulgaria'' or ''Vardar'' the true name for that SLAVIC Country. ''Makedonia'' is a greek name.

  37. EXXer says:

    This is not gonna happen ?‍♂️

  38. Jose Velez says:

    Please turn up the voice volume

  39. Any update on the Kosovan vote in Parliament where the other side threw teargas? I heard it was a land concession with northern Macedonia

  40. Please don't hate on me, buuuuuut. I think that it would be cool if the name changed to 'the republic of slavic macedonia' instead of northern macedonia.

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