Home DNA AncestorPanama Ancestry DNA Results for Tanny D. Afrolatina Panama Caribbean Africa Espana Ireland
Panama Ancestry DNA Results for Tanny D. Afrolatina Panama Caribbean Africa Espana Ireland

Panama Ancestry DNA Results for Tanny D. Afrolatina Panama Caribbean Africa Espana Ireland

Reviewing results Ancestry website Panama Panamanian DNA for Tanny D. Afrolatina Caribbean Decendiente Africa Espana Ireland. Story of Daniel Family Barbados and Smith Mcgee Jamaica Diaspora


43 thoughts on “Panama Ancestry DNA Results for Tanny D. Afrolatina Panama Caribbean Africa Espana Ireland

  1. Everyone is beautiful. No matter what your dna says. View each other with your heart instead of your eyes. Fight ignorance. We are spiritual beings on human journeys. Free your mind and your ass will follow.

  2. Why do I swear I see so much Native American type features in her tho??? I don’t get it? I mean I know Africa has the most diverse genetics of any continent but she looks undeniably to have Latina looks! Beautiful either way tho

  3. MbunduDNA says:

    Thought you were going to keep it short. What happen.

  4. MbunduDNA says:

    Dan Toni Braxton! lol

  5. Nice Vid.  Africa is the most diverse continent/in regard to genes DNA etc.

  6. I’m a 92 percentile too! My husband is Nigerian, he was like how?! Lol, I’m like DNA don’t lie!

  7. GremGreene says:

    You are probably mostly Hausa.

  8. GremGreene says:

    The full truth isnt known about Africa.

  9. Tanny D. says:

    I now what to find out my African tribes !!

  10. SaulFX says:

    Si eres de Panamá, dime en donde te hiciste él test de ADN?

  11. Much of her DNA is from Nigeria so she may be Igbo descent. Igbo's have a light skin gene floating around in their genetic pool. I don't think lighter skin is uncommon amongst Igbos not the norm but also not uncommon.

  12. Leo says:

    Wow you look like Toni Braxton or at least a sister

  13. I think you would benefit greatly if you took the MatriClan Test generated by Africanancestry.com, through this test you can learn the actual African country of origin and ethnic group, on your mother’s maternal line, that you come from.

  14. of course she would have a high content of African in her blood. Her hair is fake. she has on weaves. her skin is highlighted with makeup and her face features are full, bulbous nose, thick lips and roundish face. why are people shocked at the percentage of African in the report?

  15. Lisa Kaye says:

    oh wow…i suggest comparing to another test brand

  16. What a beautiful woman

  17. Gracias for sharing Tanny. I really identify with you and your family’s history. I am also from Panama. You look like family. I plan on taking an ancestry test and getting my mom to do one as well to further our knowledge about our ancestry. Keep being your beautiful inquisitive and intelligent self.

  18. 7montrell says:

    You look like a Black person mixed with different races like the rest of us slaves. Your beautiful sistah.

  19. Wooooow I was born and raised in Africa from Eastern Africa and she is more African then my parents ????? so sad

  20. Dooky says:

    92! I'm shocked. Congratulations!!

  21. What a beautiful woman!

  22. You have great results! I am 95% African, Mostly Cameroon/Congo. My Father's side is Caribbean (Bahamas, Jamaica). You and I have the same nose BTW 🙂

  23. Kam Lu says:

    I’m very dark and I’m 69% Africa. Africans are such beautiful people

  24. lumumba says:

    yall jealous…. because she isnt dark

  25. How do people just deny somebody else's results like that? First of all phenotype and genotype is not the same, second of all not all Africans share the same features, there is so much diversity in Africa so you can't just look at somebody and go "I don't buy it". Cool history, it was nice how much you knew about your family/country's history!

  26. panama is also a female name in Ghana that's my aunt name adjoa panama

  27. Very interesting. I would never have guessed that you were that much African. However, there is an interesting detail. You are only 36% Nigerian. I wonder if that has anything to do with your non-traditional west African appearance. Nevertheless, if I were you, just out of curiosity, go get a second opinion from another source to see if there are any differenced. Remember, these test are not necessarily always conclusive. Its almost like a lie detector test, there are always variations on the final results.

  28. I thought you would have more native on your test, anyway I am very satisfied with the result as well. Your trace from Nigeria is fine the Igbo or Hebrew tribe/ Ghana is also fine .There is a tribe there calls Ashante/ and from Sub-Sahara is fine as well, by the history of Hebrew, we have a lot in Sub-Sahara, Bennin /Togo, Sierra Leon have slave ports. Hebrew people are located all over West-Africa, as well as Europe; our people governed Europe before the Renaissance. All the Atlantic slave trades come from West-Africa, we all are Hebrew Israelite. We are blessed and lucky, Shalom! We are not African, it's a label they put on us.So-called Jamaican/ Panamanian/ Haitian/ Dominican/ Trinidadian and so forth, are labels, bywords.Praise the Most High for his Saints.

  29. tamalohi says:

    I'm surprised that you didn't get any Native American

  30. Yep, some of my Irish ancestors were shipped by the British to "Barbados or Hell" we were criminals on our own land back in Ireland back in that time (1640s to 1700s and beyond) and then they escaped and went to Montserrat, from Montserrat we went to Maryland and the rest is history. Yeah, millions of Irish were killed during and after the wars with the British and some thousands were "transported" to Barbados (the plan was to work us to death, literally to death, they never intended to see us survive) I am a descendant of a survivor. Just saying hello to my African-Irish Sister! Thanks for sharing your ancestry video with us. Y hablo Español también, mi esposa es de México. Brindis.

  31. Tshyne says:

    I'm jealous . You have more African than me.

  32. Robert M says:

    Not surprised, most Panamanian are mixed with blacks.

  33. I was very high Nigerian too like over 30%. I also had the Scandinavian and Ireland too but a lot higher. My family has some relationship to a Daniel family in America bcse my grandmother was buried in their family cemetery. So maybe we have some African familial connection.

  34. You are more West african ( Nigeria 36% + Ghanian 31%= 67%), than South African, which makes complete sense, remember the African Diaspora to the Caribbean was mostly of coming out of West Africa. Being your relatives mostly from the Jamaica, this explains a lot. Remember the Afro-Latina meaning the Latin influence is very recent in your genetic make up, not necesarily influencing your genetic background, most of all your cultural background. I am afro-panamian myself. I also want to study my genetic make up for the same reason.

  35. 405 BOY says:

    I used to work with an Afro-Panamanian woman and it amazed me how she spoke Spanish just like the Mexicans that took calls for our Spanish lines. Before I really knew her I thought she was just black until she explained it to me and showed me pictures of her family

  36. You came out beautiful, with that African mix. This is a California compliment, where a lot of beautiful women live.

  37. Why are jamaican and barbados people more smarter than latinas. Latin people always sound slow.

  38. HOW SWAZILAND?????? IM DUMBSTRUCK….your genetic makeup is special

  39. Congrats on being 92% African. I am 77% African. You are the real deal Tanny.

  40. DJ Trevi says:

    Beautiful results​

  41. We're Bajan descent by way of Barbadoes also ex pats of Panama (Canal Zone, etc.) Granddad born in Colon. Great Grandda was secretary to General Gothals–last dude in charge of the building of the Canal. We had quite a few that were Bajan and worked the zone. My greatgrandma had cousins on the Zone. #CousinPossibly

  42. URO RN says:

    Very interesting. I'm half Panamanian but have mostly Congo. Really cool??

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